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A decade of anime and blogging: looking back

10 years of blogging and watching anime. What animes did I watch from 2009-2019.

10 years baby!!!

I came across Atelier Emily’s post, specifically this post; Favorite anime of the decade 2010-2019: Honorable Mentions. It’s crazy to think I’ve also been around the blogging scene for a decade. And yeah, that also makes me feel old.

Whilst she is a consistent blogger, as she stuck with her blog since 2013…I’ve bounced around with my blog(s). I’m on my 4th iteration, as two of them are no longer around, whilst the third – which still exist, remains abandoned. In a way, I’m envious to those that didn’t feel the need to jump ship. And more importantly, they’ve allowed their blog to be something more – albeit through thick and thin, they stuck by it. But also glad, as this iteration allowed me to be more free, writing different types of posts that I never really thought about doing. Also, expressing my creativity via feature images and different post format type.

Through the process of experimenting and restarting with my writing, I too oddly feel accomplished. Also to those that are wondering, as I rarely give out personal info, here’s something that I hope removes some mystique about me.

But anyway, this post isn’t just looking back at my blogging attempts, or comparing it to Emily’s. It’s also to look back at some of the shows that I’ve watched.

So without further ado, let’s beginning looking back at some of the shows.

Pandora Hearts (2009)

Pandora Hearts

Based off a manga. Pandora hearts will always mean something to me, one I enjoyed the series, as it’s a retelling of Alice in wonderland. The other reason is a bit more personal, but I don’t mind telling. Pandora hearts was a favourite anime to a person I met whilst I wasn’t blogging, in the process of trying out YT and video editing. Her name is Elizabeta Tunzi. Came across her by sheer chance or damn luck. Elizabeta is from Italy. My relationship with her is an online big bro/sis relation. To this day I still see her as my little sis, even if she has flown the nest. I think nothing but good things of her. So I thank pandora hearts for bringing me someone I still hold dear to this day.

Coming back to the anime, as said above I enjoyed it. Too bad it didn’t get a second season, as I thought the way it ended deserved it. Granted towards the end it got a bit convoluted, but not that bad to be honest. The main thing (besides bonding with Tunzi over this) is the OP and one of the osts. The OP parallel hearts is still one of my favourites, whilst the other ost, every time you kissed me, damn!.

Tegamibachi Reverse (2010)

Tegamibachi Reverse

Tegami is one that has a really sweet story, with some touching moments, however. It can be ruined by Lag’s constant crying. That is the biggest complaint I and many others found with the series. Not only that but the CGI for the gaichuu. And boy hell did they look off in the series. I did find the world of Amberground to be quite interesting, and Tegami did an okay job of showing it. The distance and transportation from each town or city and the social structure, the poor living out in the more remote, darker parts of the country, whilst the elite are bathed in the artificial sun rays. The story of Gauche and his little sister Sylvette I found quite sad. Gauche eventually losing his memories and leaving an orphaned paraplegic girl to look after herself.

The ED I most like is done by the Canadian singer Himeka.

Sacred Seven (2011)

Sacred Seven

I remember watching this, and getting somewhat in to it, however in hindsight. Sacred seven isn’t that good, I’d say it’s above average at best. The only thing I remember liking is FictionJunction doing the OP stone cold for it. The mc did resonate with me to a degree as he is loner like I am. I was kind of looking for a series that was like Guilty Crown, but not being guilty crown – if that has any sense. However this didn’t quite live up to expectation.

Accel World (2012)

Accel World

I absolutely love accel world. For the uninitiated, this is the sister and much ignored series to the derisive Sword Art Online. I really connect with Haru on an emotional level; been bullied in high school, being chubby and short (hey I’m only 5’4, shorties rule!!). I just love it. I really got the message; it doesn’t matter what we look like, we can all be accepted by someone. Scars and all.

As I said, it’s much ignored and even though it has 2 OVAs. I was really hoping for a second series, as I do think it has a much better premises than SAO does. Sadly, it never will. I think the biggest problem that many had is the “wish fulfilment” it granted to chubby guys – I say get over yourselves. Everyone has the right to happiness. Why should one get it, whilst another doesn’t. And yeah the so called “jarring” art style used to depict Haru as this ugly duckling in contrast to the other characters. Put them off, I just think it’s because he ain’t some skinny stick-chan.

Kakumeiki Valvrave (2013)

Kakumeiki Valvrave

This is an interesting choice, because at the same time this was airing, AoT was. However, I went with this because well…I’m not a fan of AoT. Too bad. However, I think this one gets the nod because it was interesting at first because it had mechs, and space vampires. Yes, you read that correctly, space vamps. No sparkly…well they live amongst the stars so I suppose they sparkle to an extent. But no, they don’t sparkle like Cully.

Two things stick out in this show that went down hill. Haruto jumps the school idol Saki. Because he became a space vamp, who couldn’t resist his lust. If I remember correctly, she wasn’t exactly resisting it. And the other A-drei consistently shouting L-ELF!!! at every chance he got when facing off against his former comrade.

Log Horizon (2014)

Log Horizon

This was a tough one for me, as I love Madan no Ou to vanadis. In the end, I’m a gamer at heart so LH won out. I really don’t need say much. It appealed to me from beginning to end. Even if it did have the filler kids quest, that bored me. I hope it gets another season at some point as it ended on an interesting tone. Shiroe did popularise the “villains in glasses” though.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (2015)


Saekano for short. I really enjoyed saekano, it really had it all. Sure not everyone will be pleased with the way it is. But who cares!. I really like just how Aki is able to get a handle on the girls and their over the top personalities. Who coincidently all have feelings for him. Yes even Aki has an over the top personality.

I really wasn’t in to this genre, however, the art poster caught my attention. Even now it has that draw and ability to pique your interesting. You really can’t miss it. There was another show, absolute duo. However, I’m glad I passed that one up, absolute duo, more like absolute crap.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III (2016)

Sailor Moon Crystall III

Wow, it’s only been 3 yrs since the pharaoh 90 arc ended. And of course seeing sailor moon get the more modern treatment. SMC did have it’s issues, namely their transformation being 5 mins long, and having really rubbish CGI transformation. However, I really enjoyed it from S1 to 3. I won’t object in to seeing more sailor pluto!!!. Besides that much else to say really. Oh, this knocked off Iron fortress, dagashi kashi, re:zero, flying witch, and the terrible mayoiga and Cerberus. Can’t believe I actually thought of putting those two down.

Re:Creators (2017)


Having your own creations come to life, is something any creator would be happy with. Seeing them have their own values, pov, feelings etc. Not something that is written out by essentially the parent. And that’s exactly what re:creators does. It answers the thing that any creator would like to have answered. Personally I enjoyed this, sure its very meta. However it has Sawano Hiroyuki composing!!. Also Alicetaria is best girl!!!.

Dagashi Kashi 2 (2018)

daigashi kasha 2

When this was first announced, I was ecstatic to see this series have another season. What I wasn’t all too keen on was the length of the show and more importantly the art style. In hindsight I can see why, in the first season the episodes were too long and jokes lost their edge as you watched it. In the second season, they kept the joke to a minimum but more punchy because of the shorter duration. However, the art handled by another studio I’ll admit was off putting at first, but I got use to it. It wasn’t as good as the first season. I do hope it gets another season though.

Fairy gone (2019)

fairy gone

And finally we’ve reached the end. The clear winner for this would have been the most obvious; kimetsu no yaiba. However, I felt fairy gone got treated unfairly. As it is an interesting show, and it has its issues. Seeing past them – like with any show, and you’ll find it ain’t a bad one. I really like the characters and how they mirror each other in some shape or form. Marlya is my fav!!.

And there we have it. 10 shows I’ve watched throughout the decade. I hope you found this an interesting read.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

13 replies on “A decade of anime and blogging: looking back”

This was a great post! I actually haven’t seen most of the anime on this list and I really want to, especially after seeing you talk about them. These anime are from a side of the genre that I strongly want to break into, so I’m definitely making a not to check them out.

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[…] For the final part. This might be shorter. As you’ve noticed, for years I’ve always hidden behind a veil. Heck my pen name Rocco B isn’t my real name. It’s a nickname my nephew gave me. One which I ran with. Mallow obviously isn’t a real name either. If you want to know my real name, well if you look at the footer of my blog, I know no one really looks at it. You’ll notice that the very first thing you see is author and disclaimer. Right there is my real name, Rokib or Rok for short. I’ve also did a face reveal on twitter and an audio recording, which you can find it on this post. […]


we got to hear Rocco voice *gasp* lol haha

I love your choices here they are diverse and I like seeing that in lists. Seeing all these lists recently is making me feel like I should do a decade anime thing hmm. Blogging for a decade that is amazing rocco !!!

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Favorable mention of Log Horizon and Re:CREATORS in one post? This is a good day!

I need to finish Accel World. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. I’d been watching it on Amazon Prime, and for some reason, it’s just not a fun experience. Just noticed it’s also on Netflix and Hulu — maybe it’s time to try again.

10 years… That’s a long time! It was fun reading your perspective!

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Ah Tegami Bachi, or how I referred it as Letter Bee. Fond memories there. I remember keeping up with that series on TV when I was younger. Kind of sad that it didn’t had another season even if it wrapped up many plot points in the span of two 25-episode seasons. I really wanted to know what happened to Gauche even after he parted ways with Lag. The manga might cover that, but I never got the chance to read it.

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