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Comparing my time in guilds in guild wars 2 to being in fairy tails guild

For the last 6 years I spent my time playing an MMO. Here I compare my time spent in a guild and see how it compares to Fairy tail.

6 years ago, I was friendless and guild-less. 6 years later, I’m guild-less and friendless

Fairy Tail

It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent 6 years playing guild wars 2. My, how time has really flown by. 6 years ago, I was just a complete novice in multiplayer games arena, heck I’ve never played an MMO before. Whilst it always caught my fascination, I never took the plunge. That was until I tried out a game called guild wars 1.

Guild wars is a COOP-RPG, meaning you had npcs at your side rather than players. Whilst guild wars 2 is a full on MMORPG. Now you’re probably wondering what has guild wars 2 has to do with fairy tail. Fairy tail has always talked about the power of nakama (friendship) and what it meant to them in being in a guild. And I actually can relate to that sentiment. Being in a guild, has its moments. Just like the show, where they depict characters like Natsu and Gray always butting heads, or Erza being the more devoted member of the guild, etc. Guilds in guild wars 2, is not that different.

Guilds WILL attract all types of personalities – granted some guilds are very specific in what type of players they want, that’s their criteria. But anyway when I say personalities, at times I mean they can attract big personalities. They in a way are a draw to a guild. Just like fairy tail having over the top characters, it makes the guild lively. You might have noticed that the lesser guilds that don’t have strong personalities, tend to be the lesser known ones or aren’t as important, take Blue Pegasus for example. Ichiya is the main draw for the that guild, yet the other characters are just on the side.

It’s like that with most guilds in guilds wars 2. When I first joined a guild called Thesaurum Venatores THV for short. It was at the time, ran by a Russian couple; Alex and Julia. I was like Erza when she first came to fairy tail, shy and quiet. And boy hell was I shy and out of my depth. The difference between me and Erza though is I made a conscious decision to try and fit in to the guild – whilst Erza kept to herself, at least in the early days. The guild was a brand spanking new one as well; only had 2 members to start, I was the first ever public member!. Just like Erza, as we got use to each others personalities, we found that we click. We helped each other out in doing maps, events, levelling etc. And for the first time, I felt like I was apart of something. And this is what fairy tail pushes. Being in a guild, it makes you part of something. Take a look at Wendy, Lucy, Juvia or Gajeel even. Both came in pretty late, but they felt they were part of something as soon as they joined. And you can’t beat that feeling. Being part of something, making new friends, and joining them as you do some dungeon, fractals, pvp, raiding, levelling up or even just hanging out in the cities or the guild hall or in the case of fairy tail their own guild hall. In a way, that’s how fairy tail is. It pushes its members to surpass themselves.

And that’s what being in a guild can do. Help to surpass yourself in a way, you think you couldn’t do it on your own. Now, being the social creatures that we are, being in a guild or a place with several people are congregated, it does cause certain cliques to form. Take note of the smaller groupings within fairy tail for instance; Laxus and the thunder legion, team shadow gear (Levy, Droy and Jet), or even team Natsu. It does happen in guilds in guild wars 2. It occurred in my new guild. A bunch of members just gelled and did some fractals together, whilst on voice chat. They teamed up all the time. It certainly made the group hard to approach because they’ve bonded with each other on some level. Just like team Natsu. Lucy, Natsu, Happy have this unbreakable bond they have with each other. For the record, I am like Erza or Grey. A soloist member that does whatever on my own. But don’t mind teaming up with my guildies.

Drama unfortunately will occur. That’s the way things go. Take the whole team shadow gear love relationship. Levy liking Gajeel, whilst Droy and Jet competing with each other for the affection of Levy. In my old guild THV, this sort of thing LITTERALLY did happen. Julia broke up with her bf Alex and started to fall for another guild member called Jake, who fell in love with a girl called Marine. Thankfully in fairy tail, the Droy and Jet accepted GaLevy (holla shippers!!) relationship. Same couldn’t be said for THV. Julia almost wrecked her own guild, because of it. And in the process, lost 4 members. Also, remember the whole Mirajane and Erza when they were girls getting in to fights with each other. This happened in my new guild!. My new guild leader doesn’t like repeating herself and drove out another girl, who is on her level in doing fractals and getting guys attention!. Of course Mira and Erza didn’t drive each other out, but you get the idea.

But anyway, this is how I felt when I watched fairy tail. It reminded me of what makes a guild fun and at times unexpected. The fun, laughter, the camaraderie, the disagreements, drama that also comes with it.

Even though my journey hasn’t always been the best in the guilds I’ve been in, as it always mirrored Grey, Erza, Gajeel more than the likes of Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy. I always remembered the time I spent in my guild(s).

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

To note; at the time of the writing, I wasn’t part of a guild. I’ve included some of the experiences found in the new guild. As it pertains to some of the comparisons in fairy tail.

8 replies on “Comparing my time in guilds in guild wars 2 to being in fairy tails guild”

MMORPG games are the best way to connect w people when you are not that social IMHO. It’s completely different from social sites… I found some really awesome people in my guild and it was so much fun I used to run from school home to play again.

It makes me a bit sad though because I don’t play WoW anymore.
Those were some really wonderful times :(.

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That is sad Misaka :(. Hope you cherish the memories made with the people you connected in WoW.
Yeah I do agree, it is the best way and different in connecting with people. I’m still playing GW2, and still having a blast.

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I switched to Apex/ League and it’s not the same anymore. There are no guilds, you always get matched with different people and the atmosphere is gone. They are still amazing games tho, just a different genre.
I was so addicted to WoW that I couldn’t keep up with my real life so I had to quit.
It’s awesome that you can play GW2 after so many years and still have fun. 🙂

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