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Viewing Kono Oto Tomare 2nd cour, Hataage! Kemono Michi, Granblue Fantasy S2

Seeing Granblue Fantasy S2, Kono Oto Tomare S2, Hataage! Kemono Michi suplex a princess

I have not posted for about 2-3 weeks, my bad all. So you’ll be pleased to see this post. And well it contains shows that are airing from this season. And I do feel it’s another mixed bag with the shows I’ve picked.

Amp-ping up the drama and romance

Kono Oto Tomare
Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd cour

Kono Oto Tomare is back with its 2nd cour. And this time we get to find out if the rag tag group have qualified even with Kudo’s injuries.

The cliff hanger was definitely worth it, as it really amped up the drama and romance. As I correctly suspected Hozuki and Kuda are beginning to show romantic feelings towards each other. And quite surprisingly, one which I didn’t expect, Kurata and Kurusu also showing romantic feelings towards each other. Of course que in the usual; girls not wanting to show their attractions to the boys, whilst the boys kind of miss the hint. The other thing that amps up the drama is, this is the last chance for Kurusu and Kurata to make it to the nationals with the group. I do like that Hozuki is willing to put her feelings aside for the sake of seeing her two club mates getting to see the finals, rather than dilly-dallying around with her attraction to Kuda.

Supplexing your way in to another world

Hataage! Kemono Michi
Hataage! Kemono Michi

What do you get when you send a dense pro-wrestler in to another world??. Well in a make believe world of wrestling, they’d find it hard to believe that they’re in a make believe world. Even more so than cutting promos to beast folks in a semi-wrestling match.

To put it in a nutshell. Hataage Kemono is ridiculous, I really laughed at Genzo when he german suplex the princess, and that’s on the first meeting. All because she wanted him to get rid of beast folks. The problem is, Genzo is an animal lover…loves them a bit too much actually. Which is a bit off putting, as he drools over the beast folks, it borders on bestiality. Speaking of beast folks. Shigure the scheming get-rich wolf girl is humours. As she tries to be the voice of reason out of the two. But it never works out. As Genzo will either just drool over the beast or just drop kicking them, wrestling style. Unfortunately, this sense of comedy doesn’t last and at times it ain’t funny. Also I really don’t understand how they can speak the same language, yet Genzo not be able to read. Also the pin count is 1-2-3, not 3-2-1. Having the girls getting suplexed just to show off their panties, well not really sure what to make of it.

Strolling in from the skies from a long wait

Granblue Fantasy Series 2
Granblue fantasy Season 2

After two years, Granblue resumes its adventures from the small mobile screen to whatever screen you’re watching it on. I guess it’s hard to really say how a show that’s been away for a long period, just resumes its adventures. It just strolls in from the skies like nothing’s happened.

For those that aren’t in the loop, Granblue fantasy is based on a mobile game. The main difference with this show are the studios behind it. In the first season, A1-pictures were behind it. Now studio MAPPA have taken the role. So having two different studios taking over the duties, I felt the transitions between the two, are negligible. As the cast weren’t all that too memorable. The only three characters I liked back then were; Vryn, Katalina, Rosette. The only downside I felt with the first season, is the lack of Rosette. From what the second season is hinting too, more of her will be shown. Io, I just can’t stand her. A typical tsun. At least from this, her screen time are kept short. Or at best, me getting annoyed with her presence on screen.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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