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2 Favourite Kaiju from the Godzilla universe

My two favourite kaiju’s from the godzilla universe.

A late Halloween post this is, however, I thought I’d do something quite fun on this blog.

Many don’t know this, but I grew up watching some of the old Godzilla movies. And relatively enjoyed the new one. I wasn’t too fond of Matthew Broderick’s 1998 version….less said about that the better.

Anyway here are my 2 favourite kaiju from the Godzilla universe, starting with….


This kaiju first came about as an opponent for the king of the monsters. Later on though, he became a close friend and ally to the king of the monsters. Considered as a mutated ankylosaur of sorts and well…I have an affinity with shelled or spikey shelled creatures, so naturally Anguirus would appeal to me. Also he is seen as an under dog, I like under dogs. Not to mention Anguirus is fierce and very tenacious. Personality traits that are shared with me. Here are some little cool info box

  • Height: Showa: 60m / Millennium: 40m
  • Length: Showa: 100m / Millennium: 160m
  • Weight: Showa: 30k metric ton / Millennium: 60k metric ton
  • First appearance: Godzilla raids again (1955)

King Ghidora

Where do I start with this monster. Well I first caught glimpse of this (in)famous monster in destroy all monster and then later on Godzilla vs Gigan. There is something about Ghidora, that has made him to be one of the most beloved monsters after the king of monsters himself. The golden three headed dragon monster and its high pitched bell like call are the most iconic things that makes this kaiju well known. I remember getting all excited when Ghidora faced off against all earths monsters and getting his arse whooped by them. I very distinctly remember Godzilla stomping on the neck of Ghidora. Leading to his defeat. As always some cool info:

  • Height: Showa: 100m / Millennium: 50m
  • Length: Showa: 20 kilometres
  • Weight: Showa: 30k metric ton / Millennium: 25k metric ton
  • First appearance: Ghidora, the three headed monster (1964)

So there you have it, a very quick post I know. However, I wanted to get this post out a bit sooner unfortunately I didn’t quite make it. Never the less. These Godzilla monsters left a mark on me during my childhood. And it reminds me as to why I love the zilla verse so much.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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I don’t think there are many people who like the Matthew Broderick movie. Some may argue it’s so bad it’s good in a warped way. From the little I saw, the cartoon based off the nineties movie was at least decent.

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