Final Impression

Were Isekai Cheat Magician, Boogiepop and others, Kimetsu no Yaiba any good?

Final impression on Boogiepop, Isekai cheat magician and Kimetsu no Yaiba

Sitting through this stuff left me feeling bored, confused and lost to just pure exhilaration

Well I finally gotten around to watching these shows. You can check out what I thought of them in my first impression post.

If the first impression post don’t quite match up, well one show was dropped and other went past 20+ episodes. So I bunged them together. Also autumn shows are already airing and I’m fallen behind on them, such joy!!.

This ride sucked!!!….want my money back!!

Isekai Cheat Magician final impression
Yeah, being bland is so over powered

Boring and bland. I mean what the hell was this isekai ride!? hell to it, I want my money back!.

Wow, it left itself open ended, hoping to get a 2nd season?. Not on your life thanks!. It drove down the middle lane and then dropped off a cliff. Taichi and Rin were really just bland characters, I never got much from them. Besides their blatant romantic feelings towards each other, that went literally nowhere. The “villains” were just one dimensional to the point of being none existent, I mean Taichi’s so called rival with Cassim – what was that?. It was just pointless and flat. And who the hell is this “lady shade”. It felt like they just dropped her from out of nowhere and expect her be to accepted as this main villain who is pulling all the strings from behind the scenes, getta here!. The only characters I liked from isekai cheat magician are Lemia and Myura. Also the opening done by Myth and Roid; Panta Rhei is the other thing I liked. Overall, what a waste of time.

Popping in and out, still felt confusing though

Boogiepop and others final impression
A very eh cast of characters

I’ll admit that I skipped a few episodes in order to finish this final impression post, in other words, I popped in and out like how boggiepop does haha! get it? no- okay moving on. I stand by with how I felt from the start. Boogiepop is a confusing show. A show where a lot of the narratives or arc overlaps with each other.

Because of that, it widens the cast in the show, at the same time takes them away from the show – if that makes sense?. I’ll clarify, it introduces characters that seem like a throw away but then re-introduces them at a later time. However, the problem I found with that, it makes the characters forgettable. Because of the arcs over lapping with each other. I really couldn’t remember all or even find any sense of wanting to root for the characters. Also too much dialogue!!!. That’s the other thing, so much exposition given, yet I felt like it wasn’t explaining anything at all, it just lead to much more confusion. I don’t think the story is bad, just I couldn’t remember what exactly happened. The most boring aspect of the show I found was the Towa organisation arc, which is around the middle. It really dragged the show. I know it meant to introduce and give as to what is meant to be the real threat of the world. However, it didn’t feel like they were a threat, just a hindrance. That’s how I felt. Anyway, boogiepop is an okay show, however it will take a lot of patience to fully enjoy it.

Chucking tea couldn’t slay some of its flaws

Kimetsu no Yaiba final impression
Tanjiro’s journey throughout the series

What a ride!. Kimetsu no yaiba certainly wasn’t perfect by all means, there were times were it dipped here and there.

Something, which I didn’t mind at all, though some of my contemporaries won’t be as forgiving, in regards to that – I am hard headed at times, but free tea rounds are on me!!. Anyway, since the introduction of Inosuke and Zenitsu, I felt Zenitsu slowed down the pace a little. Did I find him annoying?, not so much really. His antics were humorous at times. Inosuke, I’m not really sure about him. As he wasn’t fleshed out as much as Tanjiro and Zenitsu were. Which is surprising. The biggest moment for kimetsu, was in epi 19. That moment is choreographed fantastically, the audio, visual cue were nothing but top notch. Sure there was a cheesy line, but it was delivered with oomph. No doubt it planted a seed for future arcs in regards to Tanjiro and Nezuko. The hashira’s introduction are interesting. I really enjoyed Kimetsu no Yaiba.       

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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3 replies on “Were Isekai Cheat Magician, Boogiepop and others, Kimetsu no Yaiba any good?”

Solid final impressions post Mallow. I can’t say I invested any time in watching Isekai Cheat Magician, but it seems like it was the right decision on my part to avoid it. I saw a bit of Boogiepop but never finished it. Not quite sure if I’ll continue watching or reading the manga instead as I’ve heard better things about the latter. I also agree that Kimetsu no Yaiba was enjoyable from this past season and it stayed true to the original material. Super pretty animation and the music was really great too. I do agree that despite how much I love Inosuke, he isn’t as developed as the others. I love how he’s so extra and dumb. X)

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