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The Secluded Observe #5: The ProJared and Vic Mignogna Special

Covering two of the biggest news from earlier this year regarding Vic Mignogna and ProJared.

Vic’s court case and Jared reappears

I missed August edition, due to being on blog vacation, so this is a late edition. Right, the title says it all, since these two men are in both of the topics I cover. And there are some really interesting things to report on.

Disclaimer: By the time this post goes out. A lot of the traction will have simmered down to a certain point.

Projared responds with a video to sexual allegations made against him

Projared, who has been silence for a few months since the news broke out that he and his wife Heidi have split up. Has re-emerged, this time responding specifically to the sexual allegations made against him by two users on twitter. The video is a fairly long one, running at 42 mins.

In the video, he states as to why he couldn’t respond much sooner, as he consulted legal experts as to what he can talk about it. From what he has said, it’s very interesting. If you can’t be bothered to sit through the whole 42 mins long video. I’ll bullet point the most pressing ones:

  • Admits that there was an imbalance of power between himself and his fans. That is an important one, I feel. As it shows he is aware of his position and how he should conduct himself, since he is in the eyes of the public and is a public figure
  • Chai and Charlie – the two twitter users who made the accusations against him on twitter have deleted the tweets. That is quite strange, at the same time it could be because they “felt” harassed from users on the platform, thus removed it. Or not.
  • No recollection of ever corresponding with Chai. Chai has stated in a blog post of his, that he suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015. And suffered from short to long term memory loss, along with psychosis up until August 2016. The alleged interactions hinged between March-July 2016. So there seems to be date discrepancy.
  • Has interacted with Charlie. However, has lied about his age when communicating with Jared. Also has omitted certain information, so his side is presentable to the public. It transpires that he has a art blog, that specialises in sexual fantasies and knows Chai. The whole thing comes across as a grab for attention and money.

He does mention Pamela. Now, it could be serious, however the way the whole thing comes across. I don’t think it warrants as much attention as it just seems very inconsistent. By that I mean there isn’t any substantial merits to the claims, hence why I’m dismissing it from the highlights. I won’t go in to his and Heidi relationship as it’s already documented on other posts.

And that will do for Jared and the world of videogames. Next up, is no stranger as it’s been covered before.

Vic Mignogna legal proceedings

The legal case proceedings has come to an end for the one and only Vic Mignogna. And from what I can gather. He lost the case. 12/17 claims have been dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence. With the remaining cases still linger against Monica Rial. Jamie Marchi had the weakest claims, so it’s no surprise that she walked. Funimation, Chris Sabat and others have also walked away from the case with no penalty. Vic will now pay for the plaintiffs legal fees. There are plenty of information on this video that has covered the case extensively, albeit it is a #Istandwithvic group, so expect some biasness. What can be gleamed from this is; Ty Beard has shown incompetence.

The lawyer came unprepared thinking that will be a done deal, due to a leaked document. This was the down fall.

It is without a doubt that Vic’s reputation and credibility have been shot to pieces. What he goes from here is pretty interesting. Working with funimation and other big name VA’s in the industry is a no no. Other companies can hire him as he is a major draw to conventions. Also he does have videogame VA under his belt, so he can work with game companies.

What can happen is, he might be willing to set up his own VA talent company. Which is something he is looking in to.

In a way this saga is over and done with.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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5 replies on “The Secluded Observe #5: The ProJared and Vic Mignogna Special”

Some of the ProJared coverage was pretty funny. Now that we have had our fun people should however let him be. Making up stories of underage grooming is downright evil. As for the breakup, as is the case with many divorces, it sounds like both parties were at fault. The wife wasn’t as innocent as they claimed to be.

I am sad to hear that Vic lost the case. Such things are very hard to prove though. The real injustice is that the bad PR will make it very difficult for him to get hired by other companies. I also hear that his convention appearances are being cancelled due to social media pressure. It’s bad enough to get fired, but these people seem hellbent denying him any sort of income.

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Yeah, coverage when it first broke out was funny. Typical internet behaviour, jump to conclusion before getting all the facts. No, she wasn’t. Even though she made out she is.

Yeah Vic lost most of the claims, there is a meditation. He won’t be brought back in to funimation any time soon. He can work for smaller companies and he still has videogame VA he can fall back on. He could set up his own VA company, which could be a very good way. Just hope he doesn’t use Ty Beard again xDD.

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I forgot to watch the ProJared video but I have heard from people saying there’s more to the story in this sexual allegations. For Vic’s case, I remember seeing people get upset about the case. Marchi didn’t have a strong case and the judge dismissed some of the claims which Ty didn’t expect. It was not good day for him. I heard there is a mediation coming up in the first week of October. Right now I am hearing from ISWV side, Marchi is on Twitter and saying whatever flying out of her mouth and feeling like a winner.

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Not surprised that she is lauding it over on twitter. Yeah I heard about that, the mediation and it wasn’t a good day for him.
As for Jared, I’m a bit surprised that there is more coming to the sexual allegations

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Yeah she is out there having fun while Vic and Monica are going against each other in this case. I heard a rumor that if the judge could bring back Marchi for her behavior if possible but I am not sure how will it work in the justice system.
Yeah after his long disappearance, I am surprised there’s more to the stories. It’s not about him, but others involved.

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