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Fairy Gone, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kono Oto Tomare: Episode 1-3

Looking at the Anime Spring 2019 airings that I pegged down.

I’ve done a little tweaking since my gunjou no magmel post. From now on, all the shows (first and final) will be in one post.

Hopefully this will be a lot better. So these are the other shows from my spring line up.

Fairy Gone Episode 1-3

Fairy gone episodes 1-3, not bad for an original series

I enjoyed the first three episodes. The first and third episode are focusing on the black fairy tome page, so I’m assuming it has great importance. Even I’m intrigued by it, however the issue I’m having is, the show throws out information at a pace that can be forgotten. I wouldn’t mind if it slowed it down a little bit. Fairies design are quite interesting. Veronica’s and Wolf’s have these insect design, they look visceral and deadly. In comparison to Free which looks wild and untamed. Marlya’s is the most interesting one, it’s more humanoid than any other. I actually like Marlya & Free, I find that both have charm in their own way.

Verdict: Binge watching it.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 1-3

Demon slayer episode 1-3, very enjoyable series

Holy cheezballz!!!!. This is just FANTASTIC!!!. The first episode is just an emotional ride. Damn, Tanjiro is one of those main character that is instantly likeable. His hard work ethic is infectious, it took him close to two years in passing just the first phase, shows he’s a normal guy who didn’t pull out some magic out of his ass to pass. Nezuko, she is sweet. From when she was just a normal girl to turning, she has this charm that just draws you in. The fight scenes are just awesome, not surprised from Ufotable. But damn, can’t get over the first episode it really hits you hard.

Verdict: Binge watching it as well.

Kono Oto Tomare Episode 1-3

Kono Oto Tomare 1-3 episodes is a very enjoyable series

Enjoyable, that’s pretty much how I felt when watching kono oto tomare. Watching the 3 main characters; Kurata, Kudou, Hozuki gelling and finding out how they can harmonize with each others “sounds” to save a club that each have an invested interest in. Makes a nice little drama to have, even more so when you throw in the rest of the cast. With some comical elements thrown in, which I laughed at. I’ve always wondered what that string sounded instrument is and well now I know what it’s officially called. I do suspect that Kudou and Hozuki will eventually fall for each other.

Verdict: Watching it at a steady pace

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Glad to find someone who likes Fairy Gone too. Most of the bloggers I follow seem to hate it. One concern I have is that I cannot find any new episodes after episode 12. Maybe the show is on a break?

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