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Taking a blog-vacation for them blog burnouts

I try out something that could help others in their blog burnouts

We bloggers are a creature of habit.

We tap away on our keyboards, 365 days through out the year. Trying to get that all important post out on time, with some slick images and presentation. Nothing wrong with that, as it is fun.

However as time goes on, and as our blogs grow or stay the same. We become more custom in to seeing what our passion is becoming in to…a job or chore. Staring at a blank screen when looking to post something. Or even just dreading the very thought of logging in to our blogs. It’s a common thing amongst long time bloggers. Most long time bloggers, just lose interest in to what they’re doing and stop posting or even logging in. As you’ve guessed, they’ve suffered blogger burnout. And there doesn’t seem to be a concreate way of getting over that burnout.

As most tend to stay away from their blogs. However, there might be a way to keep that burnout at bay at least.

Now recently, I came across a post by a blogger that I have showcased here on this very blog. Unfortunately, she isn’t on wordpress. Nope, she’s on blogger. If you clicked on as to who she is, then yes I’m referring to HueHue.

HueHue since 2011, did something that most didn’t think of. One in which I endorse heavily. She takes a two month blogging vacation. That’s right, she sets aside at least two months of the year for not wanting to post. On her hiatus post, she states:

As usual, I’ll be taking my time off to reenergize myself, reinvigorate my creativity, and rekindle my love for anime (though that raging inferno of passion I have for anime could never be even remotely close to snuffing out) in preparation for tackling the remainder of the year.

Howdy hiatus – Huehue Anime Reviews

As bloggers, we are constantly writing with very few breaks. Even me, who is half assed thinks about content to put out. And this puts a strain on our blogs, since we’re pushing ourselves to write something – ANYTHING, so our followers can check it out. At the expense of our own happiness and fatigue.

By setting aside at least two months, we can reenergize ourselves from the vacation. So, we’ll be reinvigorated to blog again. During our vacation, we don’t have to think about blog posts – yes, all this stated by HueHue. I know for those that are studying, this might work in your favour as you don’t have to think about your blog for the duration of the vacation. As you have a legit reason not to.

You can say that this endorsement is seen from a temporary point. What about things in IRL. Unfortunately, staying away from the blog may be much longer. As you can’t control the situation or circumstances.

Anyway, to try this blog vacation out. I’ll try a test run. From August 10th till Sep 10th, I’ll be taking a blog vacation. I’ve put this in my email calendar. All posts will be postponed, till I return. By taking a vacation, I’ll be able to watch anime that aren’t on my watch list and not worry about doing a first and final impression. Work on getting my mount the sky scale in guild wars 2. I’ll try the same with twitter too. Take a break from it as well.

So, yeah I’ll be trying out this blog vacation myself. Just to clarify, I don’t have a blog burnout.

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

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Sounds like a good idea to avoid burnout. One danger with long breaks however is that not putting out content becomes a habit and before you know it no more posts ever get written. Case in point my own site haha.

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