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Looking at the weak princess in Gundam 00

Looking at Marina Ismail from gundam 00 and why she isn’t weak in my humble opinion.

Marina Ismail from gundam 00

I haven’t done this type of post before so, try to bare with me as I ramble through. I read an excellent post done by Lita on Lacus being the loveable pacifist. And it is a good read.

However, there is something she passively wrote. She mentioned that Marina Ismail is a weak princess. I don’t agree with that line at all.

In order to understand why Marina is the way she is, you have to look at the circumstances surrounding her. Now, I’m assuming you haven’t watched Gundam 00, before I go in to why I think she isn’t weak. A quick run down will be given:

Marina is the princess of Azadistan. A “fictional” country in the middle east. Coming from a normal household, but elected as a monarch (due to her heritage). She is very political inexperienced. But does her best to keep the country from falling apart – as the country is struggling both economically and politically.

Now that’s out of the way. Here’s why I think Marina isn’t a weak princess.

Marina is a reflection of her country, she is extremely vulnerable. Yet she strives to better her country in the best way she can. And in a way, herself. Marina questions herself, if she is a fit leader, yet she can’t find anyone else better to run the country. This due to her own philosophy and views.

Marina Ismail

Azadistan is in a major conflict between conservatives and reformists. This only furthered the tensions of its struggles. It’s a powder keg, throw a match stick and the whole country will erupt in to a civil war. That’s how vulnerable it is. Marina has to deal with the volatility & instability of her country. Not be in some position, where she has access to large amounts of resources available to her. And still spout off for world peace, whilst holding a gun behind her back (okay….shots fired at Lacus). There is a reason why the meme Kira “Jesus” Yamato exists. Anyway.

In short, the conservatives want her dead. Imagine having to deal with that consistently on your mind, yet at the same time. Have to ensure the country is in a stable state. It’s a lot to deal with. So I can’t imagine just how much pressure she’s constantly in. Not to mention with the added pressure of Celestial Beings turning up at some point. I’d really struggle. Whilst it shows Marina struggling, she does her best. How can that be weak?.

Now the big one is the most obvious one. She can’t pilot a gundam. My answer; why should she?. There are other female leads that fill the role. So why have another female competing for your attention on whose piloting what.

Her role isn’t meant to be some hardened, battle experienced pilot. Her role is an essential one to the whole series. She is the foil to Setsuna. Setsuna’s and Marina’s paths mirror each others. Yet they spilt off from each other in to different direction. Setsuna is stone cold, stoic, silent person. Who believes that taking a hard stance is the best course of action in getting things done. To Marina who is soft, open, kind. She believes in open communication and verbal dialogue are the key to understanding each other.

Sad Marina Ismail

She balances and challenges Setsuna’s own view points. It’s funny that he only ever opens up to her, yet no other female in the series comes close in to hearing Setsuna’s thoughts, let alone him even speaking more than a whole sentence to them. Marina represents the normal human side that I feel Setsuna is searching for. And Marina fulfils her role in that.

But anyway that’s my perspective on Marina.

If were you ask me as to who I find is a weak and sad of an excuse of female character in the entire gundam series. Relena (Darlin) Peacecraft. She adds or brings nothing to the series, and only acts as a love interest for Heero. Which mind you, went nowhere in the anime (yes she does get married to him in the novel).

I do hope this does makes sense, I can understand that it comes across as flimsy. As it is my first take on character defence. So don’t be too brutal! xDD.

Lile I said at the beginning, check out Lita’s post. It’s a cool read.

Catch ya later peeps

6 replies on “Looking at the weak princess in Gundam 00”

Oooo I’ve never had someone write something against a line I said hehe. Well Rocco you put up a good argument which I agree with. I’ll admit probably was hard on the girl bit too much saying she is useless, she does soften setsuna and the two are in the same boat. I liked the connection the pair had. You made a great rebuttal here 🙂

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Thanks!!. I read your tweet that you’ve quit blogging and yt :(. How come??. Don’t force yourself to write up a blog post. Write when you want. At best schedule the posts, so you don’t have to do much afterwards.


Is it blogging in general?. Or is it a specific type of posts that make you feel weighted down. If this is the cause, you can drop it. I’ve did epi reviews on two animes, where I just lost interest in them. I dropped them beginning to mid way (Fafner and asterisks war). By doing so, it freed up time for other type of posts, that I can try. My other solution to epi review types, if they are already finished. To help speed up completion, you can try bi or tri epi reviews in one post, these come at your own pace. However, to accommodate the changes, a new format will be needed. If you want to keep them short maybe 400 words for each epi something like, it’s a suggestion.


It’s blogging in general. I don’t usually stick to anything so it’s a surprise I’ve lasted this long. I think I’ll rework my schedule and approach to my reviews and see how it goes.

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