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The Secluded Observe #4: Rebranding, Jared update and lawyer wars on twitter

Mallows News Edition has changed to The Secluded Observe. Same news blog post segment, only on it’s 4th edition and name change already!.

I always do this, I change things unannounced. Anyway, here is the latest instalment.

Rebranding of Mallows News Edition to The Secluded Observe

I’ve changed Mallows News to well as you can read the title. I did this for the fun of it, plus it sounds more newspaper-ish. Even if it is a bi-monthly segment. I always feel like a news outlet/ staying indoors journalist doing this. Also from this edition onwards, I’ve included a new feature header image. I’m pretty chuffed on it. Sure it’s nothing special and it ain’t all fancy like my yagate 2nd feature header.

So, what has been going on in the world of anime and video games. Well I’ll address the lawyers wars first. Since it’s an odd one to put in.

Kick Vic and I stand with Vic; Lawyers are going at it

I don’t even know where to begin with this. It’s clearly obvious that these two professionals are being egged on by the fan base. To specify: Ty Beard (yes, that’s his name) is representing Vic. Whilst the gentleman with the blue twitter tick is Greg Doucette, who is prosecuting. I’ve never heard of either of them by the way.

Whilst it is informative on one hand. However, bloody hell Doucette just twitter vomits. He has like almost an endless thread on things. That goes on and on. Meanwhile Ty and Vic were having a nice cigar together. As shown in the pic below.

For some reason, I just laughed at this pic; screams “alright mu luv”

Ty Beard/ Twitter

And that’s it for the news in the anime section. Besides Vic thing. Not much is really going on.

So, on to video game news. First off, there was E3 that occurred. To see my highlights on E3. You can check out this post:

E3 highlight post

Yes, shameless plug of my own post. So what, it’s my blog! xDD.

As for the final entry on the videogame news. This one is just a mess of a show.

Update: New information has come out on projared debacle

As you all know I covered the projared story in a separate post. Well, after that story was published. It turns out more info has come out. And this time..O’Ferrall isn’t coming out this one as squeaky innocent as she portrayed. Even though she did say she isn’t all innocent.

Some could say, it was to dampen the fire, so she doesn’t get burned as badly in all this. Check out the video from Treesicle. It gives some really insightful information on this sordid mess of a relationship.

That will be it for this edition. Also what you folks think of the new feature header?.

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5 replies on “The Secluded Observe #4: Rebranding, Jared update and lawyer wars on twitter”

You would think lawyers would act more professionally and keep silent on social media about an ongoing case. Twitter is such a cesspool. It’s filled with people who have no filter and folks who like laughing at drama.

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