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Gunjou no Magmel Epi 1-3: Something to pass the time on

This is the first post for this springs showing. What do I think of Gunjou no Magmel first three episodes?.

Gunjou no Magmel

First anime impression from the spring line up, that I pegged down. Will I find GuMel be an adventuring of the blue seas? or will it be sunk by the blue seas?. For the record, the title is translated as Magmel of the Sea blue.

Episode 1

Gunjou no Magmel episode 1

episode 1, a new land mass has emerged. With the discovery of this new land, explorers and adventures set out to see what Magmel holds. But what awaits for them, riches or deaths?

GuMel follows Inyou and a girl called Zero. Inyou is an angler. From what the episode has explained, anglers (search and rescue) are highly skilled personnel who come to the rescue of adventures and explorers. It is weird that your rescuers are stronger than the explorers and adventures, at least that’s what this episode has shown me so far, Inyou is sought after because he is the strongest angler. There does seem to be a secret as to why Inyou, is the strongest angler.

From the offset, the biggest issue I have with the first episode is, it doesn’t explain a lot. Is that a good thing?, maybe, as it gets me to invest in the show. Also it reminded me of HxH, as it is dark. You have creatures using human baits to lure other humans to their demise, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, at least that’s what Inyou claims. I mean in this episode, an older brother is actually nuts. I do like the comical aspect, where Inyou and Zero are broke.

Episode 2

Gunjou no Magmel episode 2

Episode 2 sees a bunch of scientist being assaulted by the indigenous creatures called Kare-bears. Yeah, that’s Kare with a K not a C.

In an astonishing little factoid, Inyou states that 950k people go missing on Magmel. That’s only 1 in 3 make it out alive. Even I’m surprised by that stat. I’m assuming that a new character will be joining the cast, as she is shown in the opening. Her name is Emilia. And her father is a lead researcher for a company called Polar Star. Polar Star comes across as your typical, “evil company that are doing something shady, but won’t tell you till the last minute thing”. They don’t seem as a threat at this point, maybe somewhere down the line?.

The other thing that is quite interesting that episode 2 touches on, but doesn’t elaborate on. The connection between someone called Shuain and Emilia’s father. As he told his daughter to go to him should anything happen. It also gave a drip feed flash back to Inyou and his connection to Shuain. The most hilarious moment is with Zero, doing this cute little work out. And her pouting.

Episode 3

Gunjou no Magmel episode 3

Episode 3 has a rich guy that wants to go back to magmel, the island that was once inhabited. Will old memories be old, or will they pass by with age? (don’t ask, tried to be philosophical here).

Gunjou continues with the drip feeding of information, this time world building. Apparently according to the billionaire, 30 years ago people tried settling on Magmel. However, due to the nature of the island and it’s native species, they had to abandon it. Why, because the rich bloke and two of his other friends were playing with highly toxic species, which is more venomous. Any way long story short, he wanted a redemption arc. And he gets it. In the most bizarre way. At least he got his answer and redemption.

Interactions between Inyou and Zero are just hilarious, they are the best thing. Zero loves pudding, and wants the rich guy to buy them a pudding factory or rather get a large amount of money to get puddings for themselves. It turns out Inyou is even more of a pudding lover than Zero is. Which is funny. Overall, not much really happened in this episode. So that’s why it’s a bit shorter than the other two.

Overall impressions from the first 3 episodes seen:

From the first 3 episodes seen, I’ll have to say, it really hasn’t caught on with me – and I was looking forward to it as well. I mean there was a large gap from watching episode one to two. I just wasn’t compelled or in a rush to get back to it. Just from the 3 episodes watched, they are episodic in nature. They don’t give out too much information, I’m sure the source material does explain. The anime doesn’t for some reason. It gives that element of mystery, yet it gives next to zero (no pun) on clues or anything. It just goes; here’s a dilemma from clients, go to Inyou, who gives cryptic stares. Inyou explains a bit, then sorts it out by the end.

GuMel isn’t bad by any means. It is entertaining at times. However, I found the show very lukewarm. It’s something you can watch to pass the time. I wouldn’t be excited or anything for it though. Will I continue with this show?, I probably will to see how it goes, not in a rush to see the next episode.

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