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What would my advice be for new bloggers

Giving my own advice to new bloggers, whilst responding to a blogger.

I read a blog post – Inquiring minds want to know#16 over at 100word anime. Even though she has been around for 3 years. She did raise pretty quickly. Organically and through the traditional way. And it has paid off for her. And she gave some solid advice.

Now, since this is my own post, I’ll toot my own damn horn as much as I like (well not too much). For those that aren’t aware, I’ve been around the blogging scene for a good long time, 10 yrs or so. Yeah, old timer. So connecting up to the last sentence above, yeah I’d give the same advice, in fact some of the stuff she mentions. I’m already aware of quite a few of them, even try tied them out before most. Difference is, I tend to do them half arsed and mostly ineffectual. Anyway by being in the blogging sphere for a long time, I picked up a few things.

There are 3 things that I find that don’t get mentioned as often. So I’ll go over them. Also I’ll preface this by saying:

There is no exact science as to what makes a successful blog. You make the blog a success.

So here they are.

Scheduling your posts, having an editorial calendar

This is a pretty important one, I feel. Scheduling a post has so many benefits, to not use it. You’re doing a disservice to yourself as a blogger.

As for an editorial calendar, it’s is basically when a post is scheduled to be posted on a specific date. Simple as that. It’s basically the process of your post; drafts, rewrites if need be before the final date. The negative side to this is; you can’t be always be consistent with it – you don’t have the time to double check your posts etc, or just can’t be asked with it like myself. If pressure is something you don’t like, then don’t have an editorial calendar. Don’t pressure yourself.

Minimum; always schedule your post(s). To create an editorial calendar; your email calendar, or phone calendar will do just fine.

Post as often – posting on certain days or aiming to reach a certain number (quota) of posts per month

This one ties in directly to the above advice. Have an idea as to how often you can or will post. Is it once a week, 2x, 3x times a week on specific days or can you do what Karandi does and post everyday. Have a simple, yet clear goal as to how often you can post. This can be a building block for you and your blog. As it shows consistent content coming out.

The next one is for half arsed posters like me. For the most part, you don’t have a schedule for a specific date. On my old blog, I had a quota, each month I would write at least 10 posts a month, with 20 being max. You decided on how many posts you can write up. So you can post say 5 or 6 times a month depending for example. So long you stick to or try to at least. You’ll be fine.

The whole point these are two are making is to try and get new bloggers to be consistent in the early days. Far too many quit within 6 months or less. You won’t see numbers large numbers (at first), but you can build your blog up. It takes work to get it where you want it to be.

DO NOT DELETE POSTS. You’re taking potential traffic away from your blog. I learnt this the hard way.

Now here is my last advice. This one gets over looked A LOT. However it’s nothing major, it’s more aesthetics for your blog.

Changing the font types of your blog

Yup, you read that right. It’s not mandatory, it’s to add that little bit of customisation to your blog. So, how to change your font types for your blog. It’s not that difficult and it’s really straight forward.

Screen Cap 1

You want to go to customisation. Where it says Fonts, go there.

Screen Cap 2

Once you’ve chosen fonts, you get to choose what font you want for your headings, titles. The base font is the body of text. The next two screen caps are examples of what font are available.

Choosing your heading style

The font types will be previewed live, so you can see what font work well with each other and compliment your blog theme. Once you’ve chosen your font types. Hit the published button above to make the change.

And there you have it, a quick little customisation trick for your blog.

There you have it, my 3 advice for new bloggers. Check out Karandi’s blog post as well.

17 replies on “What would my advice be for new bloggers”

Some solid tips you got there. I especially agree with your first point although a I don’t necessarily follow it myself. Having a consistent schedule helps and is nice to look forward to.

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I think these are solid tips!

Having an editorial calendar sounds so simple, but its impact it huge! Readers know what to expect, and when you realize that there are actually readers who look forward to your posts?

Because they know when you’re going to post?

And even more incredibly, want to read your posts?

That’s good stuff.

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I found I ended up building a lot of momentum when I, as you suggested, began posting weekly. For me, I always post a game review on Sunday unless something else comes up. Other than that my general rule is “don’t go more than two days without posting”.

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It has so far. Film reviews don’t take as long as game reviews, so I can easily post at least two of them per week. The real trick is to know how to schedule the game reviews I know will take me a long time to write. My scheduled review of Gen III Pokémon ended up being around 9,000 words long, but it was easy to fit in my schedule because it was preceded by a series of reviews 3,000-4,000 words long, giving me a lot of extra time.

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Some solid advice. Thanks for sharing.
I spent almost a year writing reviews for another site and that helped me get better at writing, editing, and scheduling content. Prior to that my reviews were only coming out once a month (sometimes twice). In returning to my own blog and focusing on my own work I’ve found that consistently putting out content on a weekly basis seems to be helping with some slow growth.
Also, never delete your old stuff no matter how crap you think it is. I keep getting hits on older stuff and that leads to people checking out some of my more recent stuff.

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Yeah, I learnt a saying; old content is new content. What that means is, what is old to you and others who have read it. Will be new content to new followers, as they’ve never read it. Hope that schedule is working out, if any changes need to be made, let your readers know!.

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Do whatever posts you feel like doing, I wanted to leave that open without dictating what others can do. I do understand where you’re coming from. I pigeonholed myself in to the same type of posts on my old blog. Which isn’t a good thing in the long run. Understandable, editorial calendars won’t work for some, which is why just post when you can might be a more flexible option

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I’ll take note. There are times when I actually rush myself but the output isn’t what I want it to be. It’s all about how I put things into motion.

By the way, you clicked the wrong button. The comment is referring to my comment.

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Thanks for sharing your advice. I definitely meant it in my post when I said I didn’t feel qualified to give real blogging advice after three years and I still feel like I’m learning something new pretty much everyday.
I totally agree about scheduling posts though in my case it is more a necessity given the volume of posts that go out in a week. Then again, I just feel being really organised in general helps keep the blog going relatively smoothly.

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Your first point helped me a lot. Though the cost is covering the same topic over and over again it gives me ample time to do other things. I still have things to do that’s not blog-related. The consistency is there, and you get something in return. Though after doing episode reviews for two anime now I still feel like something is missing. If only I was given enough time for it. Studying in a trimester calendar just sucks at times.

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