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Episode 9 & 10 review: Marks and incompleteness

Yuu is becoming aware that her feelings towards Touko are genuine. Just how will she cope with these new found feelings?.

Resuming from the last episodes. I’m really liking how Yuu is slowly developing her feelings for Touko. The inner struggles and inner monologues, showing or giving glimpses as to what Yuu is really feeling; loneliness. Whilst Touko is showing her neediness for Yuu.

Episode 9 – On your marks

Yuu and Touko haven’t been spending much time together lately, as they’ve been busy with their council duties for their schools upcoming sports day. So once Yuu and Touko got some alone time, Touko wants to be given a reward for her good “behaviour” by Yuu. This means getting a kiss from her. Nothing special went on for the most part. However, we do get to see that super competitive side of Touko. She wants to win at all cost. What is interesting is the interaction between Yuu and Maki.

The interaction between Yuu and Maki, I found is quite distinct. Both Yuu and Maki see themselves as asexual, or at least not remotely interested in getting in to a relationship. However, Maki sees a difference. Maki recognises that Yuu is actually lonely. In the relay race, as Yuu cheered on Touko, a realisation has dawned on her. She is falling in love with Touko. Even though she doesn’t want to admit it too herself, as it evident now that she is grappling with her own feelings towards Touko.

A nice episode. One where it didn’t take itself too seriously, I had a chuckle out of the competitive side of Touko. They lost, ha!. I think the two moments for me in this episode is where Yuu and Maki forge a bond with each other, over their stance on romance, Maki seeing that Yuu is lonely. And the other is a pretty small one made by Miyako. She thinks Touko is a handful romantically (she isn’t wrong).

Episode 10 – The incomplete me

Koyomi has written up the draft for the student council play. And it is quite an interesting one, it’s about a girl with amnesia, where she has to interpret which is her true self. In a way, it literally mirrors how Touko is. Which person does she want to be. Herself or her sister. The other interesting thing, that Koyomi threw in is that Sayaka is the lover of the girl. This is based off of the perception that the two of them are married – as both are close with each other. How this pans for Touko and Yuu will be something.

Regarding Yuu and Touko. Yuu has asked Touko to back off or rather hold off from throwing herself at Yuu. Which has caused a little bit of concern for Touko. As Yuu in the process, wanted to get some space from Touko. This isn’t surprising, considering that Yuu is grappling with her inner emotions. As shown in episode 9, she is genuinely beginning to fall for Touko. Yuu met an old friend from middle school, who has noticed that for once Yuu is emotionally invested in something.

Wow, did this episode try to deal with the emotional complexities of the girls. We have Yuu who is falling for Touko. Just the way she looks at her, is a give away. Yet how on earth can Touko can miss that look, kind of baffles me. The other thing this episode did, to me kind of gave some foreshadowing, Koyomi main lead for example describes Touko to a tee. Right at the beginning, Sayaka and Touko were talking about their past selves. And how they can reflect on it, tying in to that last scene after the credits roll, that made me go whoa.

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