The Sunday Paperclip: Anime blog edition #1

A very special edition of The Sunday Paperclip.

Here is the next instalment of my hunt to find new bloggers. For this special edition I’ll be showing some new anime bloggers.

There will be special editions focusing on specific types of blogs. For those that aren’t highlighted in this post or any other special editions, there is a chance of them showing up in the regular edition.

So with that said. Let’s take a look at the new bloggers.

Natsumi Reviews

This show is so good. It started as action shounen series and ended up at seinen series. I love the way they write the show although its very predictable but it is enjoyable.

Gunjou no Magmel – Natsumi reviews

A new ani blogger that I came across. Heralding from the land of down under, Australia. I do like his reviews as they are pretty quick to read. The use of screen caps used do help to puncutate some of his points. As with any new bloggers, I encourage them to post more often and interact with the blogging community. I will say this though, Natsumi has changed his url, so bookmark or save the highlighted blog url I’ve put up.

Lines on the page

I ended up liking this show a lot. To be fair settings like this are some of my favorites. I love seeing extraordinary things like the supernatural through the lens of the mundane

Mayonaka no occult koumuin – lines on the page

Another new blogger I’ve come across. Lita from Lita kino also discovered Bria. Even though Bria doesn’t use screen caps. Her thoughts are straight to the point. This also helps the blogs layout being nice and clean too. I don’t normally comment on others presentation as I believe every author has a right as to how they want to present their thoughts on our screen.

TFW Anime

The main character seems to be a bit of a perv. Which didn’t really bother me, but I did find his way of greeting the new transfer student a bit weird.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO – TFW anime

Next up, is a young chap from Croatia. Matija, from what he has told me is a version of Matt. I do apologise if I got this wrong. I have interacted with him on twitter. Anyway, reading from his YU-NO post. I like the small break down and then a very casual thoughts on the episode. Nice use of screen caps as well. If you want to read a first impression post, that isn’t too heavy. Then check out TFW Anime.


In order to combat this threat the Maris government have set up a crack team of three talented warriors all selected from different backgrounds for their unique skills. The team is known as the “White nuts”

Red photon zillion 1987 – animeheadsretroworld

This will be the first blog coming from my twitter search. Craig from animeheadsretroworld blog is a specialised blog. He primarily focuses on retro anime, toys and videogames. I do like how he explains the much older animes with some nice screen caps I might add, they read fairly fast. Not only does he give a general break down of the anime, he also gives some nice bit of trivia about the show. I do know the anime community are some what jaded with how some of the more newer shows are. If you want to see some of the more older or obscure shows, then check out animeheadsretroworld.


The pilot episode follows the staple narrative of recluse high school boy suddenly being involved with a harem, though this time all of the females are blood related

Way too early 1st impressions winter 2019 – animatedandy

The 2nd of my twitter search. Animated Andy is no stranger to the world of blogging (this from reading his about page). I like his 1st impression posts on the winter showing. It read fast and gave the right balance of what the show is about and how he felt about the show. I did read his fruit basket impression. And it’s a pretty good read, giving that insightful comparison between the 2001 version to the 2019. It’s not overtly detailed mind you.

Dimension Gate

Kimetsu no Yaiba has first caught my attention when I’ve heard that Go Shiina’s doing the soundtrack. He’s been one of my favorite composers ever since I played Tales of Legendia

kimetsu no yaiba : epi 1 & 2 – starseeker

For the final blog that I’ve come across. Starseeker is a videogame, anime blogger. I will say this if you’re going to be checking out her blog, some? of her videogame reviews are written in Russian, whilst her anime reviews are in English. Her anime reviews are pretty nice and detailed with good screen caps. I do like the use of quotes to open up her posts with a screen cap.

And with that, the special edition of anime blogs comes to an end. Thanks to those that submitted their blogs over at my twitter. Do keep an eye out on my twitter, if I need any blogs etc for any special editions I have in mind. I’ll have the tweet pinned on my profile.

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They are fun!!. I do mines slightly differently, this edition focuses on aniblogs, whilst the normal editions are a mixture of videogames, aniblogs, manga/book reviews.

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