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Strike the Blood II: Anime first impression

Strike the blood II - Kiriha Kisaki

This is a reposting from my other blog. The new format does not apply to these.

If you don’t know or haven’t seen. Strike the blood first aired in 2013.

It follows 16-year-old Kojou “Not sparkly Edward Cullen” Akatsuki, the fourth vampire progenitor. And one of the strongest around. He has 12 familiars, however to unlock them he has to suck the blood of female virgins. Okay that’s a slight exaggeration. However he wasn’t a vampire to begin with, Avrora Florestina his predecessor inserted her spirit in to him.

Naturally being a vampire he inherits all the abilities that all other vampires have. Minus being affected by sunlight. He is observed by a girl named Yukina Himeragi; a sword shaman. She is a member of the lion king organisation. Yes, you read that correctly. A secret organisation that keeps tabs on Kojou and keeps the peace between humans and other supernatural beings. Along the way the duo face other supernatural beings and meeting other members of the lion-king organisation. Namely Kirasaka Sayaka. A tsun. We also have Kojou and Himeragi school friends Matoki Yaze and Asagi Aiba. Asagi having strong feelings for Kojou. In fact it isn’t just her.

Every or most of the female characters all develop strong attachments or feelings for our vampire hero. The lucky sod just opens his crummy mouth. And boom, the girls are all dropping their clothes for him. Yes this anime is in fact ecchi and has plenty of fanservice shots. Especially on Yukina’ panties.

Now the above details the entire synopsis of the show. The show ended in 2014. Only having a single season. You’re probably wondering why the numeral two is there. Well this isn’t actually a second season. It’s 8 OVA’ (pretty much like Arslan Senki fuujin ranbu). The first three OVAs focus on the shadow of a sword shaman Rikujin (the header image is her). And how the duo of Yukina and Kojou will deal with the legendary leviathan.

The characters are consistent. That I will say is a positive. In other words, zero development in terms of characters.

UPDATE: apparently there is another bunch of OVA’s around. Making it Strike the Blood III. I’ll check it out when I can.

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The reason I watched this anime was that my friend recommended it saying it has a nice voice when the Mc sucks out (blood of-course) from girls.. and it was nice to experience or hear those voices.
(I watched it all alone) :p

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