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Mallow’s News Edition #3: Vic is back in kameha con and ArenaNet lays off employees

Hey up all, Mallows news is once again hitting the blog-o-sphere. And for this edition, some confusing news in the anime world and some sad news in the gaming world.

Straight in to the confusing news

Vic is re-invited to Kameha con

Image from Kameha twitter

As you already know, Vic has been given the boot from Funimation over allegations of sexual misconduct. During that incident, various conventions pulled Vic from their line up. Kameha being one of them. However, what’s quite interesting about this, according to Oneangrygamer

Fans, however, began to push back against the pressure and harassment that Kameha Con had received and attempted to convince the convention to bring back Mignogna as a guest.

one angry gamer

The wishy-washyness of this doesn’t look good on Kameha con. Most conventions who have pulled him from their conventions have stuck by their decisions. The more interesting aspect of this whole debacle is that fans were getting involved. Whilst it is understanding that you want to respect your goers wishes, what I suspect what the conventions organisers were really hearing were the tills being dry.

Having said that, I do understand the amount of pressure they were under. Having one of your main star attraction being at odds with his colleagues, who are also part of the cast. Would no doubt lead to some really awkward interactions.

To put it simply, this whole thing is a confusing mess. None the less, Vic is back at Kameha con.

And that’s all for anime news I’m afraid, not much else is going on so far.

Vic sues funimation, Jamie Marche, Monica Rial & Ronald Toye

In an astonishing move, Vic has sued funimation, Monica, Jaime and Ronald for defamation of character, interference of existing contract & prospective business venture, civil conspiracy according to Anime News Network

Voice actor Vic Mignogna filed a lawsuit against the anime distributor Funimation, voice actresses Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial and Rial’s fiancé Ronald Toye

Vic sues – anime news network

He is clearly out for blood, as he is seeking to gain a staggering $1 million relief. As Monica and Jaimie were very out spoken against him on twitter. Do I think he will win this case?. He has a very slim chance of winning as Funimation will have some strong litigation firm. Against Monica, Jamie, Ronald. He has a stronger chance against them.

On to the gaming news.

Anthem had a “very disappointing” launch

Bioware / Anthem

Well Anthem was released not too long ago. And, not much to the surprise of all, the game had a very bad launch. This stems from hard crashing PS4 to bad loot drops. In an article in the Eurogamer, Tom Philips states:

BioWare has done since launch – including the delivery of more than 200 improvements

Eurogamer – anthem

Those improvements include; stability, progression and customisation. With an upcoming event called the cataclysm. No doubt Bioware are all in to repair what damage the game has come under.

Personally I haven’t played this game so I really can’t make a judgement on it. The impression when it was first revealed looked promising. It still looks good, too bad I won’t be able to play it yet due to some heavy back log of my own games.

Now to some sad gaming news, that hit me quite hard recently.

ArenaNet lays off 143 employees

Recently ArenaNet, the makers of my favourite MMORPG game Guild Wars 2 had to layoff some employees. Geekwire reports

This is part of a larger organizational restructuring within NCSoft in the west, but the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 game services will not be affected, nor is any upcoming game content cancelled

arenanet lay offs – geekwire

The citation for the mass layoffs is due to unannounced projects that were running in the background. Apparently these projects were in development since 2012/13. Long term players were noticing that the devs weren’t really focusing on the game and some of the attempts were just half-baked.

Some of the casualties were from the main game service, however the majority were from the unnanouced project. These were some of the most prominent and long standing developers, who were with the company for more than a decade.

This did have major concerns for me, as a long time player of 6 years. I invested in a lot of time & money. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. I’m really, really glad that despite the studios upheavel. They have rallied together and are now refocusing on the game.

I can’t wait for the last episode of season 4. With it comes a new mount.

And with that comes the end of Mallows news. Sorry it took much longer to get out.

5 replies on “Mallow’s News Edition #3: Vic is back in kameha con and ArenaNet lays off employees”

Defamation is incredibly hard to prove, particularly for a public figure who has had stuff written about him for years. Doubt he can win, especially since he admits the io9 article was basically true and said he was going to take time off to “reflect”.

(For the record, I hope he does lose. Even without the sexual harassment claims, there’s too much stuff about his diva behavior that he should have been outcasted long ago.)

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