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The Promised Neverland: Episode 10-12 Anime final impression

Giving my promised neverland episode 10-12 final impressions.

From the title, you can see that I’ll be giving some thoughts on the last episodes from The promised neverland.

For each epi, I will give my thoughts on that particular episode. As you can tell this will be my new format for first and final impressions. Also the header images will be the same.

Episode 10 – Build up

Episode 10 sees Norman being shipped out. This puts a massive dent to Ray, Emma and certainly Norman’s plan of ever escaping.

It is quite interesting to see Norman be so calm about the whole situation of him being shipped out. Knowing what’s waiting for him at the other side. Either he is putting on a brave face for their sakes, or accepted his fate which is quite mature for a 11 yr old. Episode 10 really did a nice job of emphasising the small back story with the 3 main leads – it added the tension and drama. Showing how close the three really are. Which made it even harder for them to accept, Norman sacrificing himself for them. Ray being completely demoralised and broken, whilst Emma just being emotionally shattered over the whole thing.

The tone throughout this episode is my favourite part, it did a good job of showing the three main leads despair. Which I liked, as it sets up the penultimate episode quite nicely. How will they get out of this situation?. Judging by Emma’s facial impression, it looks to be a goodie. As for the biggest question in the series; is Norman dead?. I don’t think he is.

Episode 11 – Penultimate

Episode 11 – have the kids really given up on escaping Grace field house and accepted their fate as snacks?

Pretty bold move and plan. I liked the small interaction between Ray and Emma. It showed just how warped Ray has become, episode 10 just furthered this. Wanting to immolated himself, so others can make their escape. I guess the years of seeing people he enjoyed being around are now dead, whilst he is still alive. From one perspective, I guess it can be seen as survives guilt?. I don’t know if that term can be applied to him. The one thing that bothers me a bit, is the back story of how this plan came to be. It’s way too convient. There were no real hints of it, besides Gilda and Don knowing. The way Norman and Emma pulled it off is quite remarkable though. Also there are two big questions riding this episode.

How will the kids scale the wall and find a way down. And is it just me or did Ray and Isabella hum the same song. Is it hinting that there is some connections between the two of them.

Episode 12 – Finale

Episode 12 has the kids escape from Grace field house and get some exposition on Isabella and the connection between her and Ray.

What a finale!. I have to get props to Phil first of all. For a 4 year old, he is damn smart and mature for his age. He understood what was going on and not say anything. That is remarkable. I did feel a bit down that the other 4 years or younger kids couldn’t go with them, at the same time I do understand that it would be kids raising kids. In what could be a harsh but new world for them. The next thing I’m glad they did right, showing Don training. In throwing that rock and timing it perfectly. He had to perfect it just right, unlike most shows, where they’d just throw and get it perfectly without any explanation on how they got it perfectly. Next up is Isabella herself.

Damn, how fast can she actually run?. I was impressed how fast she ran on that wall just to get to Emma and co. And finally I got the answer, she and Ray are mother and son. It doesn’t tell you it, rather it implies it in the most stupid way; they recognise each other through maternal instinct.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the promised neverland. It does tension and drama right. Plus you don’t get these super powered kids, that get magic or whatever to help kick ass. These are normal kids, in the case of Norman, Emma and Ray above average kids. Who are trying to live a normal life. However, it’s far from being normal for them. I can’t wait for the series to resume.

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4 replies on “The Promised Neverland: Episode 10-12 Anime final impression”

“have the kids really given up on escaping Grace field house and accepted their fate as snacks?”


“I have to get props to Phil first of all. For a 4 year old, he is damn smart and mature for his age. ”

I’ve been wondering if these kids are so intelligent and so physically capable because they’ve been selectively bred for it? I grew up on a farm, and that’s exactly what we’d do for our animals. That was over 30 years ago, and antibiotics play a bigger role now, but selective breeding still works.

Kinda chilling to think about it applied to humans…

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