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Seasonal Observation: Anime Spring 2019

To bolster some of the anime stuff, that I’m pretty much not focusing on.

Hopefully, this might rectify it. I’ll be watching selected titles that have caught my eye, and they aren’t that many.

I’ll try to do first impression posts, on the anime’s I’m planning on watching. To read the synopsis of the show, just click on the title heading.

Fairy Gone

From the synopsis. It’s very interesting. Even more interesting when it’s from PA works. Anichart states it’s an original work. Which makes it even more interesting, yeah overused interesting – still can you spot a pattern here, lol. It has the genres that I love – fantasy, action. So it’s already has me sold. Also this being PA works, you’re guaranteed that it won’t disappoint (at least I hope not).

Kimetsu no Yaiba

The title translates to as Demon Slayer. It’s an action, adventure, supernatural series. And it’s based off of a manga. I haven’t read or heard of the manga, so fill me in on it. Another big studio are heading this; Ufotable. Naturally this would appeal to me, as it covers the genres I generally prefer. It has Yuki Kajiura composing – so expect some high expectations.

Konoyo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO

That is one long ass name, luckily YU-NO is the shortened version of it. I really don’t know anything about this, since it’s an adaptation off a visual novel. It’s Sci-Fi, a genre I don’t mind as much. This is done by studio Feel.

Gunjou no Magmel

According to MAL – the name translates to as Magmel of the sea blue. However, I’ve decided to call it GuMel. It’s two thirds of the shows I’m planning on watching based off a manga. So, you know I’m going in blind on this. The only thing I do know is the composer is Yashuhara Takanashi of log horizon fame.

Kono Oto Tomare!

Stop the sound is the english translation according to MAL. Finally, one that is not an action, fantasy, adventure anime. It’s a romance. And it’s the last of the manga based anime shows. A very interesting one. I assume some may like this show, just on the bishie main lead.

And those are the anime’s I’ll be watching. Also let me know how you found this format style. Is it different, annoying layout, etc. Do you prefer the more standard format?, just leave a scribble in the comment section.

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Hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the post. Stuff like this is a real help when deciding what next to watch, after all my fave shows have finished airing.

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