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A poetic attempt: The T.A.P Tag!

Well, I got nominated by Keiko to do the T.A.P tag awhile back. It’s my first attempt, so I’ll try my best.

The rules:

  1. Headline your post with “The T.A.P. Tag!” and put “tanka” as one of your tags.
  2. Make sure to link back to the original post that started the tag
  3. Make sure to mention the person who introduced the tag to you!
  4. Pick 1-3 of your favorite anime.
  5. Write your tanka about the anime you’ve chosen. It’s fine if you decide to do only one or two if the schedule is tight.
  6. Tag at least 3 or more bloggers you know, and get their creative muscles flowing.

So here is the anime I picked, sorry for it being only one. And I don’t think the poem is that good either xDD.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work

Standing on this hill

Where I stood alone

For I saw my world filled with swords

A hazy path lays ahead

So, this is my fate.

T.A.P Nominations

And those are my nominations. Good luck to them.

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