The Sunday Paperclip: Paper Round #1

The Sunday Paperclip is a blog post that curates various types of post ranging from anime, videogames, books/manga. The purpose is to give smaller blogs a platform to be noticed.

Don’t ask. I couldn’t come up with an original sounding new blog segment.

Anyway, this post will be coming out on a Sunday, however I don’t know how frequent it will be.

The purpose of The Sunday Paperclip is to give a small sound bite of the blogs, that I come across. Unlike my fellow bloggers; Arria, Irina, Jon, Crow, Karandi, Keiko – who mainly focus on anime. My take is a bit different & broader. It will focus on blogs that not just focus on anime, but also books, manga, videogames. This could expand, for now though the aforementioned will be my primary focus. Also the second function to this is – it will give exposure to smaller or lesser known blogs.

Whether I’ve interacted with the author or not, isn’t that important. It’s to give the bloggers a small platform to be noticed. They may interest you!. So, let’s get started. To check out the blogs, just click on the headings.

Evening Tea Musings

Newt – Maze Runner
Deserves a cuddle
And all the love in the world
My future husband

Character Appreciation [Haiku Friday]

Annie from Evening Tea blog primarily is a creative. Meaning she writes original or fanfiction stories, books reviews, poetry & haiku on Fridays. I really do like her haiku as they are actually quite funny. Annie doesn’t have a twitter, so feel free to leave a comment on her blog.

Hue Hue Anime Reviews

Every year when March 1st rolls around I find myself pacing the halls, scratching my head, and fraying my nerves trying to come up with a way to commemorate another year of successful blogging.

Hue over @huehueanime

I actually came across Hue’s blog through one of Crow’s post. I thought I’d actually give a spotlight to Hue. Mainly because not only she’s been blogging for 8 years!. Her reviews are very good. The downside is, you’ll need a Google account to leave any comments – she blogs on blogger. However, I’ve added her twitter handle.

Videogames and things I write about them

Dark Souls III: The platinum has finally been earned. I said for a long time that I wouldn’t see this through because the covenant items needed where too much of a grind

What I’ve been playing this week – Skyraftwanderer

I’ll be honest, I’ve just come across this blog as I was searching for a blog post on videogames. So no, I have not interacted with the chap who is the author of this blog – scratch that just left a comment. However, his post from a quick glance are interesting to read. So videogame fans, check him out.

The Little Book Witch

I thought shojo romance mangas couldn’t develop beyond their current tropes, or that the protagonists were all fairly cookie cutter, as were their romantic interests

Manga review – Takane to Hana

Another new blog I’ve come across. The little book witch covers anime, books and manga reviews. Though just checking, Sarah the author of the site. Manga & Anime are pretty much a new edition. None the less, a quick glance on her manga reviews are pretty solid. Maybe you’ve read some of these or just heard about them.

And with that, comes the end of my first edition of The Sunday Paperclip

I hope you give these bloggers a look over. I know I pulled some that are just obscure. And that’s pretty much the whole point of this post. To give the smaller bloggers something to stand on and be noticed.

7 replies on “The Sunday Paperclip: Paper Round #1”

I hope people find it an interesting title, xDD. Seriously though, you, Derek, Irina, Karandi, Keiko, Scott, Lita, Arria, Jon are doing way better job than me xDD.


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