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Devil May Cry 5 (Demo): Videogame Impression

Here is my videogame impression in awhile.

It’s been a while since I did a videogame post. So, why not kick off with one that I’m quite actually looking forward too.

It’s been over 10 years since the last DMC game was out. Yes, time has flown that fast since DMC 4 was out – we do not speak of the ninja theory iteration. It’s a curse word in the DMC fandom, I on the other hand haven’t played it, so can’t say, lol.

Anyway, Capcom seem to be on a role, as of last E3 on the MS stage, they revealed they’ve been working on DMC5, a game that is for the fans. A boast they made. And that boast clearly lives up to it, from the demo and this impression.

Nero revving up red rose – (C) Capcom Devil May Cry 5

DMC5 goes back to it’s roots. DMC games have always been about slick, fast action style, with some visceral kills. Just controlling Nero felt fluid, his swing of his red rose felt they had weight to it, his blue rose with some power shots felt like they have impact with each shots made. The jumps felt nice. I’m not really good at platformers, with Nero jumping I knew that I’ll land where I want him to land. As for his devil breaker.

In DMC 4 Nero had his devil bringer, in the trailer you can see he has it ripped off and replaced by a prosthetic arm. Each devil breaker have different functions, which only add more move sets to Nero. I particular liked the punch line breaker. As it added that bit more to my button mashing style – yes, I have zero abilities on how to add some sweet looking combos, as the evidence of button mashing in the clip from my tweet. There are other devil breakers, however I didn’t get to play around with them enough. Yeah, was just button mashing through out. So it will depend on your playstyle, some fights do require some thoughts, so best to equip the ones you feel will benefit your playstyle.

Upgrades from Nico’s van are limited. The double jumps I got will certainly help with some air combos. The nice thing is that the red orbs collected were carried over to the 2nd little run I did. So you can *technically* unlock some of the more expensive moves, before the full game is released. As for the soundtracks. DMC games have always had some really catchy tunes and this one, I feel is an exception.

The OST, oh boy. Nero’s theme tune – devil trigger is just amazing. I really love that track – Casey Edwards ft Ali Edwards did a fantastic job on this.

The fights with the mobs, as I hear that tune gets me pumping, it wants me to get to in to fights and start swinging my red rose around. I honestly think this tune is just fitting for Nero. Just check out the MV to it.

As you’ve read from this impression, I’m really looking forward to DMC5.

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6 replies on “Devil May Cry 5 (Demo): Videogame Impression”

I’m so behind in all the games I bought. Haven’t finished Red Dead 2, Anthem, Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Heart 3 and I just pre-ordered Division 2. But, I think it’s a good problem to have.

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I’m also really excited for DMC5! Nero’s gameplay felt great here too, so awesome article! The boss gave me a bit of trouble (since it’s been a long time since I played dmc) but I’m sure with practice and motivation, it’s not as hard! I think he’s not easy, but not too hard either since I almost beat him last time..theres been harder bosses in dmc. Also can’t wait to see more of V he seems like an interesting new character. 🙂

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Thanks!! :D. The boss can give trouble for new comers, once you’ve got down the mechanics then he isn’t too hard to beat. Yeah V is an interesting character. Want to see more of his back story. Enjoy the game!! 😀

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