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Mallows News Update: Funimation part ways with Vic Mignogna

A follow up to the biggest news that has hit the anime community.

I got the boot voice

Just a quick update on the whole Vic scandal, that I covered in my last news post.

Yesterday Funimation have released a tweet:

This is huge news. Vic will no longer be cast by funimation in any future productions.

Did he bring this upon himself?, most likely. As his diva attitude and his sexual misconduct have finally caught up to him.

This is a win for the victims of his crimes.

2 replies on “Mallows News Update: Funimation part ways with Vic Mignogna”

Agree, you could see the decision coming from a mile away. I wouldn’t be surprised if more stories come out now. As for other VA and their fans, it only will cause more friction and division amongst the fan base.

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