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Seisen Cerberus; Ryuukoku no Fatalités: Anime first impression

A reposting from my other blog. Seisen Cerberus; Ryuukoku no Fatalités or holy cerberus war

opening of Seisen Cerberus; Ryuukoku no Fatalités anime show
This show is just depressing

Seisen Cerberus Ruyuukoku no fatalites or the shorter title; Cerberus – yes the title is that long. Well this anime is your typical sword and sorcery. Yes this anime comes with your typical shounen teenage MC. With a very….small sword. Which is different from the usual ones, which are all large -ish and can actually cut things with. Not that the MC sword can cut things. Just pointing out how small compared to other swords. I’m going off track here, right?.

Hiiro’ mother and father are killed in trying to stop an evil dark dragon called….dagon zolt. Yes, that’s the name of the dragon. When Hiiro, was just a wee nipper helping his parents in trying to stop the big bad, when something went wrong in the ritual. In the process dagon went for little Hiiro, in a last-ditch attempt to save Hiiro’, his father sealed or cast a binding spell which links Dagon and Hiiro hearts. Or something like that. Cue to present day and Hiiro is wandering around, thinking he is all cool…when is he just. *Ugh*.

The anime for lack of a better word is just; unoriginal. The plot is clichéd as hell. That’s not the main problem. The problem is the show seems really dated, it feels like a mid-00′ show. Really bad cheesy lines. The characters are so bland / dull as anything. Hiiro goes from; bad ass to meh to just out right lame. All in a span of 3 / 4 episodes. Needless to say, it was dropped pretty early on.

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Not sure why, but I thought of Runescape when I read “dagon zolt” even though I never played the game

“thinking he is all cool…when is he just. *Ugh*.” I imagined the classic “bitch please” hand action right there hahaha

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