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Mallow’s News Edition #2: Sexual misconduct in the anime world and hearts are overjoyed with KH3

Mallows News Edition returns for it’s 2nd installment. What news will be covered. From sexual misconduct to KH3. Hearts are all over this.

What news will I be covering for the second edition of this bimonthly post?. I can say for certainty some very interesting news broke out.

Also I might add an unrelated section; this to just add some spice in to the post. So onwards!!. First up, anime news!!.

Is Vic a vic? an anime community divided over allegations over sexual misconduct by VA

This is one of the BIGGEST news going in to the new year. Vic Mignogna, a well known VA has been accused of sexual misconduct. There have been numerous stories on twitter and Facebook all specifying his actions in conventions. The biggest one seems to be this one, a lady by the name of Jessie Pridemore, her story is covered in a Facebook post.

She’s not the only one. A gent, by the name of Jamie McGonnigal – fellow VA has waded in on the accusations. This is what he has to say

I’ve been a voice actor for 20 years. I’ve known Vic Mignogna for most of that. I’d heard stories of him preying on particularly younger women & girls & I’ve seen his behavior upclose. Now dozens of courageous women are sharing their experiences. We must listen to them.

Jamie McGonnigal @Mcbenefit

As stated, this has clearly divided the community in two. Some believing the stories and even giving their own encounters with Vic at some of the conventions they’ve attended. Whilst others claim is this just a smeer campaign in order to get attention due to the movie DB Broly doing really well at the box offices.

While some are calling for calm, until there is sufficient evidence against the accused

Keep calm folks!!

Just sticking with Jessie story, apparently the unnamed person that had “raped” her – I put that in quotes, due to the fact that when two parties are drunk, it makes these claims really muddy. The person in question is surprisingly; Todd Haberkorn. With Adam Sheehan backing up her claim.

Now, before I continue I’ll like to point out something. This isn’t bashing women, or devaluing rape. There are very few (miniscule) instances where two parties who have gotten drunk, and in act of guilt, women who weren’t happy with their actions, have falsified rape. This IS DANGEROUS. It wrecks the innocent life and makes real rape claims even harder to believe.

As for my thoughts on Vic. I’m not that familiar with his works or what he is like in cons (due to the fact that I live in the UK), so I’m more neutral in this whole thing. I wouldn’t be surprised though, as people in privileged posistions tend to do things that most of normal beings won’t be able to get away with. At least have no actions be taken for a long time.

It’s funny that the next story, fits in to what I’ve just covered. It will be covered less extensively.

The falsified claim of the shield hero

Yes, sticking to the same depressing news of this hot topic. It’s pretty interesting that The rising of the shield hero also had a similar case. Where Malty falsely accused Naoufumi of rape. This caused a stir within the community. With some saying that, the series is being “prejudice towards women”. For those said that, you’re very wilfully ignorant. The “law” in this case is very much the opposite. It favoured the woman, not the man – how is it prejudice?. She got away with a false claim, that has ruined Naoufumi’s life. And this is done by a vindictive person, where she knowingly knew that her claims will be believed at a drop of a hat.

Also, it is a major plot point. It is to give Naoufumi’ that progression he needed as a shield hero. In a way, the claim is a reflection of how real life society is. A man gets fasley labeled as a rapists, his life is shunned and destroyed. Yet, the woman who has made the claim, she doesn’t suffer the consequences in her life. Only that it makes real rape victims that much harder to believe. She can get on with her life, yet the man has to pick up the pieces of what’s left of it. Wouldn’t you be cynical and be somewhat mistrustful, after having that done to you?.

But anway, enough of the depressing news that is found in the anime community. On to the videogame news!.

Kingdom Hearts III steal most gamers hearts

That’s right, gamers are rejoicing after 13 years of waiting for a sequel to the game that turned most JRPG fans in to Disney fans…or vice versa. Will we finally get to see if Sora will ever get jiggy with Kairi or will Riku win her heart. Or in the words of Krystal from Daiyamanga: “goner goofy, or donald dead duck” be able to save the day?. I highly doubt any one of these will if their AI is that terrible.

In all seriousness, I’ve done a post as to why I’m not a fan of the series.

Good, for the fans that have waited and are enjoying the game.

Will crackdown 3 be cracked up to be, or will it be a let down?

Dress to kill Terry Crews

Terry Crews is all gearing up for the launch for the much delayed Crackdown 3. So the question is, is your suit tight? or does it need to be tighter?.

It’s well known that head of Xbox Phil Spencer would like the Crackdown series to sit alongside the big 3 (or 4) flagship titles on the console. I can see why, with it’s comic-book inspired art style, it’s different from most shooters. Sumo Digital are heading up the development for this.

As for me, I really haven’t played any of the CD games, so I really can’t say how this game is. What is known is that the MP, city wide destruction is using the Azure cloud, the very thing that MS were tooting about back in 2013-14.

On to the unrelated news!

Seth Rollins heads to Wrestlemania 35, Dean Ambrose heads out of WWE

Former two thirds of the shield and intercontinenal champs, Seth and Dean had their ups and downs. From the break up, to their amazing feud. None can deny that these two are very talented stars. However, as you’ve read the title. Seth heads the main event at Wrestlemania, by winning the royal rumble. Whilst, his former comrade is heading out.

It is reported that Dean has wished for his release from the company as creative, just don’t have anything for him. He states that all the stuff creative have given him to do, he doesn’t want to do anymore. Which I agree with him – his character has stagnated. The latest break up between the two should have been more impactful as Roman is recovering form lukemia. However, their feud felt more of the same and well boring. We saw all we can from the two when they first feuded.

Either way, it will be an interesting time for fans and WWE.

*Bloop, bloop thud* see ya next time!!

2 replies on “Mallow’s News Edition #2: Sexual misconduct in the anime world and hearts are overjoyed with KH3”

I know I’ve heard rumors about Mignogna since the days of the original FMA. Maybe not so much about girls, but definitely about his temper, beliefs, and prima donna attitude with him expecting everyone to bow down to him and demanding roles.
The rape situation is much more complicated, but at least Sheehan admits that he and others should have interfered when all those drinks were being downed.

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Goes to show just how egotistical Vic became. His attitude has certainly come to bite him in the ass.
As for the claim and their failure, agree should have done more.

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