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The real neat blog award

A belated real neat award. Good stuff awaits!.

Now this is a belated award and I was nominated by Maria over at Dragonas Talk.

So thank you for the award. And make sure to check her blog out!.
Without further ado, let’s this award rolling.

The rules of the award

  • Display the logo
  • Thank the blogger for the award
  • Answer the questions the one who has nominated you
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions

What inspired me to blog?

An interesting question. I would say I wasn’t inspired as such, but rather it was a natural transition. Since I had aspirations of being an author one day. Sadly, I no longer have that aspiration. So blogging is only natural to me.

What helps you remain passionate about blogging?

The thrill of just writing and presenting how you put your thoughts across via images, font colours etc. I guess my creative mind kicks in now and then xDD. I know it isn’t much, but that’s how I feel.

What part of your blog are you most proud of?

Nothing immediate strikes me off the top of my head. I guess how I tend to keep my blog to a minimalist look?.

What is something you know now about blogging that you wished you knew when you began?

Hosting your own images. Hosting your own images is crucial, you never know if that particular image you use, will be gone. I used to do that when I first started out. Used web images hosted. And several times, I lost images on posts. That’s when I used flickr & imgur. So yeah, having imgur or pinterest is important. Plus, you have more control over what image you want to use.

Is there an [anime/movie/book/game] that you consider to be a bit of a guilty pleasure (something you don’t want people to know you are watching/something that’s mainly unpopular with the community but you enjoy)?


There are two. Bikini Warriors and Keijo xDD. Those would be my guilty pleasures. Both are heavy fan service.

Who is your least favorite [anime/movie/book/game] character?

My least video game character is: Cloud from FFVII. I really am not a fan of the 7th instalment. Honourable mentions are: Sephiroth, Noctis.

If you can combine two different [anime/movie/book/game] worlds, which would they be?

Fairy tail and bleach. I find those two worlds very interesting. Clashing swords with Erza will be fun …. BANKAI!. Plus I get to meet the waifu Ultear :P.

And with that, it comes to an end. Thanks once again to Maria at Dragonas talk. So here are my questions. I’ll be taking a leaf or two from Maria’s questions, they’re in no particular order.

  • What helps you remain passionate about blogging?
  • What is something you know now about blogging that you wished you knew when you began?
  • If you could meet your favourite voice actor/actress who would it be?
  • Would you like to get in to the animation/entertainment/videogame industry?. If so, is Shirobako or new game an inspiration for you to do so?. If not, then why did you decide to go in to said industry?
  • If you weren’t blogging, would you try something like a podcast or youtube?
  • If your favourite videogame/anime character came to life, how would you spend your time with them?
  • What two anime/videogame world would you live in?

And here are my nominations:

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