The Castlevania games are rich in lore and characters

This is the first instalment of the did you know series. For the first series, I cover the much loved series turned anime Castlevania.

Depending on how I feel this type of post goes, I might make the did you know posts a regular thing on my blog. In hopes, that this type of post shakes up the usual posts that are more common on this blog. What they will cover, beyond this topic…I have no idea!. I’ll just have to see what seems interesting. Anyway, on to the first instalment.

With Castlevania S1 & 2 on Netflix. I’d thought I’ll cover some of the stuff the show may not have mentioned, glossed over or viewers that are new to the series don’t know about the franchise.

So let’s get started.

Dracula isn’t the first vampire in the series

Contrary to belief. Dracula isn’t the original antagonist in the series. Chronologically, it was in fact another vampire by the name of Walter Bernhard.

Walter Bernhard from Castlevania: lament of innocence
Walter Bernhard – courtesy of Castlevania wiki 

Walter was in fact befriended by Mathias Cronqvist, the very man that would later become Dracula. It is through the inadvertent actions of Walter, that led the endless confrontation of the Belmont clan and Dracula. He is, in the most ironic sense, the reason why the weapon created to deal with vampires came about.

The only way to deal with them pesky, blood sucking vampires   

Vampire killer – also known as the whip of alchemy

As mentioned above. Walter is the reason why a weapon was created to deal with vampires. Using alchemy and the tainted soul of Leon Belmont’s love Sara Trantoul, this gave creation to the legendary whip of alchemy – vampire killer. The whip can only be used by a Belmont. For those that aren’t of Belmont lineage, it drastically shortens their life span. Only by challenging the soul of Sara, can the user fully unlock the full power of the whip as if they are a Belmont. There is another weapon that is created to complement the whip.

Fun trivia: The whip is so well known that it even has it’s own theme song named after it.  

A bewitching spear, that saves all

Eric Lecarde wielding the Alucard spear

Yes, another weapon was created in to order to be a complement to the vampire killer. Making it’s first appearance in Castlevania: next generations, now called bloodlines. Because the governing board in the EU/ Australia thought the name was too violent, or something like that. The spear is given to a friend of the Morris clan. His name is Eric Lecarde. The spear is called Alucard spear, meaning the creator of this weapon is none other than Alucard, which I’ll briefly go over.

Alucard is Dracula, Dracula is Alucard

Alucard – the son of Dracula

Yes, you’ve read the subheading correctly – Alucard is Dracula spelt backwards. I won’t go in to details, since you probably know a bit about Alucard. The son of Dracula. His first appearance I believe is in the much beloved title Symphony of the Night. It originally came out for the PS1/Sega Saturn I believe. Interesting enough, the antagonist to that game is.

A dark pray, is what will bring the world in to darkness

Shaft – the dark priest

Believe it or not, but Dracula has a following. A bunch of nutters that actually think of him as a god. This following is lead by the dark priest Shaft. Who managed to brainwash Richter Belmont. Shaft has a mastery of magic, specialising in the dark arts. Ultimately though, he was defeated in symphony of the night by Alucard. However, he made such an impact that he is almost interictal with the castlevania lore. It is hinted that he is Dracula’s right hand man as well.

So with that.

I’ve covered pretty much the basis of the castlevania franchise. I could do a small history on the Belmont / Morris clan. But they would have their own separate posts, since they are very diverse in history and characters and there are others as well. Whether I cover them in a future post, well I shall see. So with that, enjoy the Netflix bloody tears version.

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I’ve always heard the Castlevania series talked about here and there but never gave it much thought. I just knew that it involved a vampire. Is the Netflix series a good intro to this universe or will looking the games up be better?

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