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Mallow’s News Edition #1: Other edition shall cometh forth bimonthly

the first edition of Mallow’s news. The place where I shall try to give an opinion on the happenings in the world of anime and video games.

It will take time to shift through the news and find some interesting things. As the title says, this type of post will be bimonthly unless the news is too big to not cover. 

What’s happening in the Videogame arena?

Eurogamer has written an article on the adaptive controller that Microsoft has released earlier this year. 

Microsoft’s accessibility-friendly Adaptive Controller has been made to work with Nintendo Switch.


For those that don’t know, MS are targeting gamers with disabilities with their new controller. This follows the mantra set by Xbox head of division Phil Spencer, “where no one gets left behind”. For years, gamers with disabilities have struggled to get an official product that supports disabilities. And even if they did, the setup alone cost more than the console they’re playing on. So what a chap did is hook up the adaptive controller to his switch 

Personally I think MS should be commended for bringing in a device where it isn’t too expensive and allows people with disabilities to enjoy what millions without disabilities enjoy. Now if only Sony and Nintendo did the same or at least show support for MS device. That would be so awesome for people with disabilities.  

In other gaming news. Wildstar has officially closed down its service.

Sad to read this 😦

I’ve done a post on this, expressing my thoughts as to what could have been my secondary mmo. It had the potential to succed, whatever the true reasons as to why it didn’t doesn’t matter. All I can say is, best of luck to the employees. 

What’s the low down in the anime universe?

Well the biggest buzz still doing the rounds is Netflix acquiring the rights to Neon Genesis Evangelion

As a cult classic and loved by a host of the anime community. This is a big deal, as the series has not been made available for around a decade (at least according to Joey the anime man). It’s quite obvious that Netflix wants to diverse it’s portfolio and make itself as accessible to many people as possible. And the anime community is a good market, to showcase that Netflix can be appealable and accessible. Sure there is the questionable clangers that they’ve made *cough*cough* death note. 

In other news that is going on in the anime world

Funimation and Hulu forge a new partnership. And that’s right after Funimation breaking up their own partnership with Crunchyroll the previous month.   

Funimation, one of the largest anime distributors in America, has partnered with Hulu to bring a number of new series to the streaming service at the same time as their Japanese release, the companies announced on Tuesday


Clearly this is a big win for those that are subbed to Hulu, as it makes the service more viable. As for those that have a crunchyroll, a kick in the teeth but they’ll move on.  

Rocco “Mallow” B: @Secluded_Bloop

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Some good news here. Enjoyed reading and thanks again for submitting this to the showcase. Sorry it took me a bit longer than expected to get to your article though. Anyway, keep an eye out for the showcase which will release later this week 🙂

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