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Episode 4: Secrecy, sideshows and resentment

How will Yuu’s and Touko’s relationship survive should anyone find out about them?.

Touko is in very high spirits. As she prepares to go in to school as the new student council president.

As Touko and Sayaka head towards their classrooms, two male students make note of the two, with one of them calling them “the presidential couple” – this I assume to be a foreshadowing of sorts or it has a some sort of irony behind it. It’s been made quite clear that Touko always gets her way with people or rather taking charge of things, hence the two boys speculate that she’d be wearing the trousers in the relationship. Yuu is in class with Koyomi and Akari, with Akari being really secretive about something. When Touko comes to their class to meet up with Yuu, so they can walk to the student council room together.

Touko looking very happy. Yagate kimi ni naru

As they walk together, Touko is very happy to be around Yuu. This, however agitates Yuu, as it is very clear that she isn’t too comfortable with people knowing about their relationship. So she asks Touko for some space, which Touko reluctantly does so. Indicating that Touko respects Yuu wishes, even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with them. It is here that we meet the a new member of the student council – Dojima. Who seems to be recommended from the previous student council president. As Touko explains as to what the role of the student council plays – she also wishes to bring back a tradition, that seemingly stopped for no reason. Maki and Yuu are against this, as neither of them like being in front of crowds. I think Yagate did a fair job showing what the student council do – a lot of admin work, rather then just mentioning it and leaving it as that, but anyway. Sayaka had to leave for another club. So she and the rest start to leave.

Yuu feeling unsure as to how she should react out in public. Yagate kimi ni naru

As the group disperse, Touko indicates in a subtle way that she wants Yuu to stay back with her. Naturally Touko wanted Yuu all to herself all day. The reason is so that she can get a kiss from her. At first Yuu was hesitant, but caved in. One thing that Yuu did note, is the facial features of Touko. Well, the secret that Yuu feared that could get leaked. Happened much quicker than she expected. Maki, who left his pencil case behind, saw them kissing (also to note, I loved the piano piece being played when Yuu and Touko went for their special moment).

Yuu and Touko sharing a special moment with each other. Yagate kimi ni naru.

With Maki being shocked at them kissing, he ran off. He did however play it coy the following day. Asking Yuu what were they doing on the computer. With Yuu passing it off as some of the usual stuff, homework etc. In the student council, Touko is doing her best to bribe Yuu in to doing the stage show – which leads to a playful bickering between the two. On the boys side of things, Dojima asks a very interesting question to Maki. Who does he prefer. Maki gives a very interesting answer – he doesn’t have a “type”. This bit I did find very interesting, as Maki quizzes Sayaka about Touko and Yuu’s relationship, there is a point where she turns away and we don’t get to see her facial expression. It’s always hidden. I suspect Sayaka harbours some hidden resentment towards Yuu. So the group disperse again. This time Maki and Yuu are alone.

With the two being alone, Maki admits in seeing Yuu and Touko kissing. Maki assures Yuu that he won’t tell anyone about them, should she wish he doesn’t. Yuu on the other hand, makes a tough choice. She doesn’t want Touko to know, as she feels that Touko just won’t handle the criticism thrown at her, should their relationship get known. Here’s the most interesting bit. Maki has the same stance as I do when it comes to romance. He prefers to sit on the side line and watch. But if it happened to him, he loses interest – which I would do as well.

Maki watching from the side. Yagate kimi ni naru

To wrap it up, the series is picking up pace in the drama dept. And I’m looking forward as to how Yuu and Touko will handle it.      

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