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Citrus: Anime First impression

A reposting of my citrus first impression post. Will Yuzu have the best time of her life in her new school or will Mei – her new step sister ruin it for her??

Citrus anime. Yuzu and Mei are young high school girls who are in love.

Here is the synopsis for the show Citrus that aired earlier this year.

Fashionable Yuzu imagined the first day at her new school she transferred to after her mother’s remarriage a bit differently; she didn’t know it’d be an ultra-strict and conservative girls’ school

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Straight off the bat, Citrus gets into the thick of things. It introduces Yuzu the new girl in the all-conservative posh girl school and the student council president Mei. Who by coincidence is also Yuzu’ step-sister via re-marriage and the granddaughter of the schools’ chairman. The two waste little time in getting to know each other figuratively and literally – no pun intended. As their personalities collide with each other. It’s literally two opposites meet.

Yuzu is the epitome of a stereotypical western high school girl, you can think of. I mean all that is missing is bubble-gum being chewed, whilst twirling her hair, no joke. To flip it, you can see her as a typical high school teenager. Going through the rounds of what high school girls do. Being, into fashion, falling in love and being carefree (or rebellious). And the latter is more evident between Mei and Yuzu. Basically, she is the “bad girl” or the rebellious girl in the school. I’m still out on her as a character. She doesn’t have that “bite” despite the way she is depicted.


Mei is the opposite of Yuzu. Intelligent, smart, calm, reserved and strict. This seems to boil down to her upbringing. As her absentee father would not tell you. Rather her grandfather would. However behind that veil is a lonely girl who is wishing to be loved by her father, or be loved by someone. As her grandfather seems to be unable to do that. I do think there is more to her, so I’m hoping she does develop as the series continues on. Also, her father is an ass; he should be prosecuted for parental negligence.


One thing I would say is; despite Yuzu being the more carefree or “bad” out of the two. Mei is the one that gets up to hanky-panky the most. And she’s the student council president. Goes to show that appearances can fool you sometimes.

As said above, I do find this show intriguing. As it deals with Yuzu’s growing feelings towards Mei. From that, kiss onwards. It does push the romance aspect, quickly drops it for some drama. Then, brings, it up again for some tension. I found it to be done fairly well. It’s not in your face as what Netsuzou did.

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