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Amanchu Advanced!: Anime final impression

Sequels either ride the wave of success of its predecessor or be sunk by it.

Amanchu advance tried to ride the success of the first season, however, it wasn’t sunk by it. It does enough to keep it’s head above and bob along the water. So it sits in a weird spot. It does enough, but not enough at the same time. At least, that’s how I feel.

I’ll try to explain what I mean by that. It does enough to flesh out Teko and to a small extent Ai and Mato. It even introduces new characters. What it doesn’t do enough, is give some of these new characters some more screen time or flesh them out. And the flow of the series was really choppy – they were episodic. In one episode you’ll have Teko working towards her advanced licence and then in another, you’ll get a race around the town for example, completely unrelated to each other. With the first season, there is more consistency in the narrative – Teko is working towards her diving licence, with Pikari playing an important part. Both characters getting an equal share. In advanced, however, Pikari role is reduced whilst Teko’s is upped. It’s to give Teko more development.

Amanchu trivia

  • Written by Amano Kozue – the author of Aria
  • Teko couldn’t swim in the 1st season
  • “Pikari” is the nickname of Hikari, one of the main leads
  • “Teko” is the nickname of Futaba – Pikari gave her that nickname
  • Teko also has a moped license 

The biggest complaint I can give to amanchu advance is episodes 7-9. What in the hell was that?. The whole thing was about a ghost called Peter. You get this “ghost story” in the latter stages of the series. 2 things crop up: the whole thing felt really off, in what is an anime about scuba diving. You get this story being dumped out of the blue. The last one is pretty obvious. It was to give Ai and Mato development. I don’t mind giving Ai and Mato screen or development, but what in the hell. This wasn’t the way to give it. It tried to tell it in an “unreliable narrator”, however, the whole thing just came across a big mess. What I did get out of that is Ai and Mato share similar interests in men.

There are 2 more complaints, but they aren’t as big as the Peter arc is. You have this yuri baiting, now I don’t think the first season had this. But for some reason, they included it in this season. Why?. And the other is, well where would most anime shows be without a flipping trap. Yeah, they included a trap in this season.

Despite the issues with the series, as I said at the beginning. It does enough to hold my interest. In fact, I still enjoyed the show; its slow, calm, relaxed atmosphere is always something I enjoyed about the first season and I’m glad that stayed the same in advance.

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