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Blog Update: An update and brief overview on potential upcoming content

A brief overview and potential content coming to my blog.

I haven’t been posting, that’s because I’m actually draft writing posts.
There are about 3-4 (or more) posts in drafts at the moment. The biggest reason is; I’m trying to keep the posts aimed at one specific person – me. It generally helps if you have a person in mind that you want to write to, in comparison to nameless and faceless, where you can get lost and end up not really sure who you’re writing to. But if you to a write person in mind, it makes the post more tangible and may make it even easier to write posts on.

The other reason why I’m not too keen on sharing on what they are is because, I have a real bad tendency of saying something, but never doing it or putting it off for a long time. One of my post will take time to write up, this particular post is a counter argument to a feminist post, that I came across. Yeah, nothing to do with anime or videogames. However I might do this type of posts, to shake things up on the blog now and again. As for shoukoku no altair and retro videogames. They are on the draft since I’ve made it public via my menu on my blog. Speaking of anime epi reviews, I do have another I would like to do. How this will affect shoukoku, not sure. I kind of made it a mental decision to not take on more than one epi reviews. Since shoukou post is not out and it is an older anime. I could put that on hold and resume it once the new anime I would like to do epi reviews is done. Again all in the air at this moment.

I may post more of my older content from my other blog. I’ll try to keep these at a minimal, since they are mainly filler posts to help pad out the blog. Also you get to see what I wrote about. There is something else that I might (not concreate) bring over from my other blog. And I had fun doing it. My top three posts. These could be on anything I could think of. Again to help shake up the blog.

That’s that for now.

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