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Kingdom Hearts III: Videogame Trailer Impression

It has been over 13 years since the last Kingdom Hearts games came out. I give my impression on Kingdom Hearts III trailer.

It’s been 13 years since the last Kingdom Hearts game came out on the PS2 (discounting the remasters of course).
Naturally, the fanbase wanted a continuation of the series. However, Square Enix was not that enthusiastic continuing kingdom hearts for some reason and so fans were left both frustrated and disappointed but did not give on getting their beloved sequel.

Fast forward to present day and finally, after a long wait (and pestering from the fans) kingdom hearts 3, will be shipping in 2019. So how do I feel about it?.

I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of the series. The hype surrounding this game is ridiculous and overrated. The only reason why kingdom heart is “good” in the eyes of many is a rather idiotic one. Voicing of final fantasy characters. Yes, that is the main reason why kingdom hearts is loved by many. Forget that the story is cliched (least not forgetting a massive dose of Disney cliched sprinkles on top of it). Or that the main cast of characters are mainly Disney. With worlds that are also in the Disney universe. Starting to see a picture here?. Besides the few voiced ff characters, there is literally nothing that contains the final fantasy universe. Kingdom Hearts is nothing but a Disney game, with sprinkles of FF here and there. As to what I think of the characters?.

I find Sora a very typical JRPG/anime character. Ones that can be found in many franchises (before anyone blasts me, I am an anime fan). Kairi is your typical anime female character that has hidden feelings for Sora, but won’t admit it. She has the “love all my besties and try to keep the peace between them” aura going, which is just so typical of female anime characters. Riku the “rival” and best friend of Sora. Who gets jealous/corrupt and faces Sora on several occasions, but then sees the error of his ways and then becomes besties with him again. As for the Disney characters, well I’m not an enthusiastic fan of them either, that’s not to say I dislike all, in fact, I do like Jack Sparrow. In essence that’s just the general feeling, I have on the game as a whole.

Sora in kingdom hearts III attacks
Sora in Pirates of the Caribbean

And from the trailer, it looks like nothing has changed from the previous kingdom hearts games. The mechanics have stayed the same, which isn’t a bad thing per se. Familiarity is always a good thing, as it allows new players to be eased in more easily – this being especially important since it is getting an Xbox release, a first for the platform. Whilst keeping the core fanbase happy. The only thing that has been improved upon is the graphics. I generally don’t have a problem with that. Utada Hikari has resumed her duties in singing the opening. Not surprising, considering that kingdom hearts is what got her global recognition (not saying she wasn’t already accomplished).

Kingdom Hearts III will without a doubt sell really well.

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